Somaliland: Britain”deeply concerned by the famine warning in Somalia.”Says Amb Kay


As UN agencies urge world to act now and save lives in Drought stricken Somalia
Over three million Somalis face famine and imminent death warns Amb Nicholas Kay

Somalilandsun-Hundreds of thousands of people in Somalia may die or be near death in May if immediate action isn’t taken to address the threat of famine

This warning of dire consequences was issued by Britain’s envoy for the Horn of Africa Ambassador Nicholas Kay.

Amb Kay who is the immediate past Special UN secretary General representative to Somalia dwelt on the fact that with nearly three million people in Somalia faced by drought related crisis and emergency acute food insecurity” resulting with little to eat, a May conference organized by his country might be too late.
Said he, “ If by the time the conference in May happens we are having to sound the alarm and discuss the famine issue, that is going to be too late,”
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British Envoy to the Horn Amb Nicholas Kay at a presser in which he warned of looming catastrophe in Somalia In the meantime UN agencies have also warned that only a massive and immediate scale-up of humanitarian assistance can help Somalia avoid falling into another catastrophe.
In a joint statement Unicef and WFP urge the World as a must act now to save lives in Somalia,,