Somaliland: Blundering Aviation Ministry Gone Rogue


Apologist Sadam

By: Yumoha Pasha

Somalilandsun – The ministry of aviation and air transport should stop assuming that Somalilanders are blind deaf and dumb.

Despite the several blunders supervised by the ministry Somalilanders have continued to have faith due to the good work purportedly of uplifting the country’s airports, yes country’s airports namely Hargeisa’s Egal, Berbera and Burao.

But what is happening towards the Airports in the other marginalized regions of Awdal and more specifically Sanaag whose airport has lain fallow for as long as Minister Mahmud Abdi Hash has been in charge, incidentally he assumed office while the airport was operational.

As landers try to forget the Ethiopian airlines fiasco, the insecure airport perimeters and etal here comes the ministry’s spokesperson cum apologist one Saddam negating an article by Ogaal newspaper as per the stand-off between the ministry and residents being evicted from the Egal airport alleged owned land.

As landers also try to forget the fiasco surrounding the lost opportunity when a delegation headed by minister Hashi, in Turkey failed to agree with the Somali government about establishment of an air traffic control body.

Aviation ministry stop assuming Somalilanders are blind deaf and dumb and for once just come up with the words, “Yes something went wrong but we are rectifying the situation” alternately the minister should resign