Somaliland: Be content with NEC abilities, Opposition Parties told


As a statement by Somaliland presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr points fingers at Wadani party

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun-The state has told the main opposition party to be contented with its capabilities and take heart that the National Electoral Commission was capable of doing its tasks as deserved

The sentiments were given by the Presidential Spokesman Hussein Adam Egeh (Deyrin a statement monitored from EryalTV by our sister paper Dawan

He reiterated the government’s conviction to facilitate free, fair and just elections to be held in a few months time. 

He was retorting to sentiments expressed by Wadani chairman and Presidential candidate Hon. AbdirahmanIrro that his party was wary of the technical aspects of the electioneering to be fair, that he had no confidence in local observation and pointed the Kenyan case in question as a cautionary note or pointer.

Eng. Hussein Deyr said that observers from anywhere in the world were free to participate and “even the Chinese can if invited”.

He said that there was the national constitution and the election regulations fully in place to guide the exercises. 

He also noted that the government was not worrying that the electioneering process would not be free and fair but that it shall be a just one in any case.