Somaliland: Battalions of Hungry Puntland Soldiers Mutiny


A year ago Protesting Dertvish officers threatened disposing Puntland president Abdiweli Gas

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Traditional leaders and Islamic Scholars are spearheading efforts to diffuse security tensions emanating from discontent within the armed forces in the Somalia regional administration of Puntland.
In the latest of a long standing saga hundreds of hungry soldiers absconded duties when they left their bases in Garowe under the leadership of Former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Puntland Police Forces, Gen. Muhiyadin Ahmed Musse .
Since Abdiweli Gas ascended to the presidency in Garowe revolts related to unpaid remunerations thence hunger within the security forces and strikes by civil servants of the Puntland administration have been a regular occurrence though the current rebellion is the biggest and most worrisome for the beleaguered Gas.
Deputy Commander in Chief of Puntland Police Forces Gen. Muhiyadin Ahmed Musse and his revolting soldiers decamp bases in Garowe for the bushes of NugaalWith guns at the ready for confrontation with colleagues still loyal to president Abdiweli Gas the commander of the battalions strength mutinying soldiers now camped in Nugaal province Gen. Muhiyadin said the current circumstances emanating from his officers infuriation with unpaid salaries, delayed support services of government and the collective firing of hundreds of troops from the army should be resolved peacefully though they, the mutineers, were ready and prepared for any eventuality. Read More