Somaliland: Barre Construction & Housing Firm Aids Ramadan Triplets


MD of Barre Construction and Housing Firm Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi hands over donation to mother of Ramadan triplets Ms Nimo Miyir at Hargeisa Group Hospital

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “Thanks to Allah and the intervention of local journalists my prayers for help in feeding my newly born three children has been answered” said a beaming Ms. Nimo Haji Miyir at the Hargeisa Group Hospital-HGH.
The thanks were extended by the youthful lady and mother three children dubbed Ramadan Triplets at the HGH during a visit by the managing Director of Barre Construction and Housing Firm Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi whose company had answered the mother’s plea for help.
Informing that the meager donation he carried was a contribution by employees of the local company the Barre Construction managing Director handed $500 to the young mother whose face shone in happiness despite her poor health resulting from poor diet and the regular issues of childbirth.
According to Dr Hodan Abdilahi Duale who is overseeing the health of the mother and her triplets at the HGH where they were delivered on the 16th of this month, the main problem engulfing the mother is weakness from poor dieting during pregnancy thus the small weight of the triplets that necessitates continued medical supervision.
Promising continued participation in ensuring the Ramadan triplets are availed basics necessities of life the Barre Construction and Housing company boss urged affluent people and business concerns in the country to come to the aid of the toddlers having been borne of poor parents.
Ramadan triplets slumber in comfort and oblivious of the visit and Donation by MD of Barre Construction and Housing Firm inset While thanking Barre Construction and Housing Company for the generous donation that shall go a long way in availing her triplet’s basics like food, clothes and shelter after being released from hospital Ms. Nimo Miyir also appealed for further help from other well-wishers.
Revealing that she is a nomad from Hero area in Marodhi-jeeh region and not in possession of either a telephone nor any other means of communication and bank account the mother of the triplets said that those wishing to donate can do so through her brother Eid Miyir telephone #4132345 or contact the editor of hayaannews Mustafa Janale telephone #4474849 email
Buoyed by Barre Construction and Housing Concern triplets mother Nimo Miyir is hopeful for more assistance from fellow Somalilanders The original appeal was launched by both Somalilandsun and hayaannews earlier in the week while Jahuur Top Design-JTD participated in the form of free audio-visual appeal production.
Watch the JTD produced Barre Construction and Housing Firm Visit and Donation to the Ramadan Triplets