Somaliland: AWOL Army Unit Reveal Habsade’s Secreted Khatumoism Tendency


Dalool under heavy guard of his now i AWOL unit

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Speculation is rife about the whereabouts of a missing army unit stationed in Sool region and motive behind its disappearance.
According to reporter Suleiman Sahal Jama of caynabonews three fully armed technical war wagons attached to the Somaliland army in Sool region and a number of yet to be verified troops under the command of one Dolaal Warsame Hirsi has been Away without Official Leave-AWOL for a number of days.
Stationed at the Karin Dabayl Weyn base the Dolaal commanded unit is said to have gone AWOL after it failed to return from a surveillance mission in the vicinity of SaahDheer where secessionist’s politicians led by Ali Khalif Galayd are reportedly in clan council.
Reliable Somalilandsun within Sool region indicate that the Dolaal unit, a clan outfit seconded to the army owes allegiance to former Somaliland public works minister Ahmed Abdi Habsade currently a presidential advisor on political affairs in Hargeisa where he also doubles as a honorary (Non Voting) member of Guurti, the upper chamber of the Somaliland parliament.
Ahmed Habsade “This unit is not missing but on the way to SaahDheer where they shall form the vanguard of Habsade’s Khatumo secession leadership” informs Mohamed Waranle who also revealed that Dolaal is the maternal brother of Habsade thence unflattering allegiance.
For sometimes and more specifically since he was fired from the Somaliland council of ministers by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo last year, Habsade a prominent politician who has held senior offices in both Punt land and Somaliland has been touted to secession leadership in his native Sool region.
“Though he was very comfortable with the former UDUB party government of President Dahir Rayale whom he helped to secure Las Anod through eviction of then Punt land administration, Habsade though inheriting his ministerial mantle in the Silanyo administration has had his ultimate political leadership sights in the secession” said Waranle who is a paternal first cousin of Habsade.
While the Habsade connection to the missing unit is still speculation, the alleged intent of Dolaal to join forces with the secessionists in SaahDheer is impossible since the remnants of the Khatumoists who were evicted from Taleeh are currently besieged by the Somaliland army.
Meanwhile citizens are urging the government to utilize its intelligence gathering capabilities that have succeeded in countering infiltration thence putting terrorist at bay , towards unearthing cockroaches roaming freely in their midst proclaiming to be champions of the nation overtly while covertly they are Traitors of the highest order.