Somalia: Mogadishu Appeals for Urgent Famine Assistance


After failing to Govern the Mogadishu govt now appeals for drought aid for its hungry citizens

Somalilandsun – The federal government of Somalia on Tuesday (August 5th) issued an urgent appeal to the international community for aid to mitigate the effects of a worsening food shortage across the country.
“Drought has already reached several regions in Somalia, including Gedo, Bakool, Hiran, Galgudud and Mudug,” a statement from Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed’s office said, warning that “it anticipates that the situation will continue to deteriorate”.
“The aid in form of food, water and medication must urgently reach the affected population,” the statement said. “All members of parliament are calling on the international community and the United Nations to assist … to prevent the return of the deadly humanitarian crisis of the 2011 famine.”
seemingly PM Abdiweli is happy of the famineAccording to the statement, the government has allocated $500,000 for the provision of assistance, including food, water and medication, to populations suffering from the effects of the drought.
Appeals were also made to the United Nations and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) for assistance with transporting the aid materials, since the Somali National Army lacks the capacity to move the goods rapidly.
UN assessments show “above emergency levels of malnutrition” in seven towns, including the major centres of Garowe, Galkayo and Kismayo, with the “highest deterioration” reported in Mogadishu, according to AFP.
More than 250,000 people, half of them children, died in the 2011 famine.