Somaliland: Awdal Clan Militia Weaponry Confiscated


While senior militias commander and foot soldiers aligned to Sultan Abikar Waberi surrender to Awdal Regional authorities.

Militiamen Defecting from Sultan Waberi arrive in Borame

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Regional Authorities in Awdal regional are in possession of heavy weapons captured from clan militias aligned to rebel traditional leader Sultan Waberi
This was revealed by the governor of Awdal region Mahmud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramah’ during an interview with Dawan media group reporter Feisal Hiss Werar ‘Afgab’ in Borame where the weapons are current in custody of Somaliland security forces.
“The weapons that include some heavy ordnance were handed over by Ethiopian authorities who captured them as well as a number of militias” said governor Ramah
While informing that security cooperation between Ethiopian and Somaliland security agencies made the weapons and militia capture possible governor Ramah further informed that a number of militias caught with the weapons remain in Ethiopian custody after they claimed citizenship of the neighbouring country.
Queried on the origin of the weapons in lieu of the fact that those captured with them and others alleged to be members of the sultan Waberi militia are local boys from Awdal region the governor said
“Their weapons among them the three heavy ones handed over by Ethiopia are purchased from various sources in Mogadishu Somalia with funds made available by some members of the Awdal Diaspora in various parts of the world”
As he acknowledged the huge development support availed not only Awdal region but Somaliland at- large by the Diaspora Governor Ramah was quick to castigate the few who are diverting their funds to activities related to fomenting insecurity especially in relation to support for the renegade Sultan Waberi.

Governr Ramah says some landers in the Diaspora funding dissent in Awdal region of Somaliland
In the recent past Awdal region has been engulfed in controversies following anti-Somaliland sentiments expressed by Sultan Abikar who is also reportedly leading Samaron clan militias whom he has amassed along the common border shared by the two countries.
Though the renegade Sultan has received support from a few of his clansmen both in the country and more from the Diaspora the his objective of seceding Awdal region from Somaliland and join Somalia as a regional state the few in his bandwagon are starting to think otherwise as is the case of his chief operations.
Mohamed Ali Aiynaan who was the Sultan Waberi militia chief defected to Somaliland forces in Borame accompanied by a large number of militiamen on the 24th March 2015.
Descending from their base at a hill side in the neighbourhood of the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland Commander Mohamed Ali who during his team of defectors reception at Borame town informed that he would have brought the entire 300 militia members but logistics made the move impossible.
Sultan WaberiSaid he, “Hopefully the few remaining militia men shall defect soon owing to the dissolution with the now objectives of Sultan Waberi”
According to the former Commander the original objective that made them join up with the renegade sultan was to facilitate negotiations with the government of Somaliland as pertains to improved access to the national cake by residents of Awdal regional who are predominantly from the Samoran and to some extend Isse clans.
Though we were unable, by the time of going to press, to rouse officials at the Ethiopian Consulate in Hargeisa the senior diplomat in Somaliland Brigadier general Berhe Tesfaye has in the past informed that the Government in Addis Ababa shall not tolerate any person or entity that attempts to perpetrate any acts of insecurity directed towards Somaliland.
Stressing on the fact that it is contrary to his ” country’s constitution to facilitate the wrecking of havoc” in friendly Gen Tesfaye countries “through hosting anti-government militias” Brigadier Tesfaye Added that “Let me reiterate here that we are very firm in our determination to support Somaliland sustain prevalent security within its borders and with us (Ethiopia) thus any aggressor shall take this as precaution”
The diplomat was reaffirming the commitment towards sustain the security status made by the Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn during his maiden speech to parliament in Addis Ababa where he said
“Somaliland is a friend and a key strategic ally for Ethiopia. We will spare no expense to defend and protect Somaliland. We are ready to extend an arm of support to our Somaliland brothers every time they are in need of one,”
Somaliland and Ethiopia which is the only country to operate a fully-fledged diplomatic office in Hargeisa share very cordial relations that encompass security and economy among many.
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