Somaliland: As Chinese Honour officer Slain in Mogadishu the SFG Pleads for Aid


Soldiers carry the coffin containing the remains of Chinese guard Zhang Nan who was killed in a terrorist attack in Somalia at Yaoqiang International Airport

Somalilandsun – China’s Armed Police Force has paid respect to an officer killed in a terrorist attack on the Jazeera Palace Hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu this past week. Zhang Nan, an 11-year veteran who worked with the Chinese embassy in Somalia, was posthumously conferred the title of “Loyal Guardian.”

Zhang is among 15 people killed in the attack by Islamic militant group al Shabaab. At least 20 people – including two armed police guards – were also injured in the blast.

The attack has raised questions about the ability of Somali authorities to protect territories won back from the terrorists. China only reopened its embassy in Somalia last year after it was closed for over two decades due to the protracted war in Somalia. Over the past few years, al Shabaab has staged attacks on some of the most secure places in Somalia including the Parliament building and the Presidential Palace.

The Jazeera Palace Hotel was regarded as one of the safest places in Somalia. It served as the consulate offices for several foreign diplomatic envoys and was frequented by top politicians and business persons who visited Somalia.

Nan was laid to rest on Sunday in Jinan, Shandong Province. Hundreds of people – including government officials and members of the Armed Police Force – were present to pay respect to Nan and extend condolences to his family.

On the other hand the Somalia Federal Government has asked the Government of China for more support with Finances

While expressing their apologies after a recent terrorist attack in Somali capital Mogadishu, which killed one Chinese embassy’s security staff, Somali officials said they believe this incident will not affect China’s relationship with Somali, and the rooting-out of terrorism in Somali needs the collaboration of international community, including China, who has long and sincere relationship with the terrorism-stricken country.

The Chinese Embassy in Somalia was partially damaged in the Jazeera Hotel attacThe officials made the comment at Aden Adde International Airport on Wednesday in Mogadishu while bidding farewell to the Chinese security official killed in the explosion on July 26. The attack also claimed lives of 14 other people.

The incident happened when an attacker drove a car rigged with bombs into the building of Jazeera Palace Hotel, where the Chinese embassy is based, setting off an explosion. Another three embassy staff members were injured.

“This was very sad and I offer my deepest condolence to the People’s Republic of China and to the family and friends of the victims. We are deeply concerned what with what has happened and were worried about the Chinese staff when the incident took place,” said Mohammed Awil, former ambassador to China.

“It has happened, but it will not affect our relationship between our government and China. It’s the opposite. It will strengthen the ties,”

Mohamed Omar Dalha, member of Somali & Arab Parliaments and deputy chairman committee of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said: “We are very sorry. We again say very sorry on behalf of Somali people.”

He said terrorism happens even in powerful and developed countries such as the US and the UK, not only in Somali, which has seen a long period of chaos due to absence of functioning government.

He said Somali will be much better than now one day in the future with the “collaboration of the international community, including China”. “We hope your collaboration will continue and you will continue to support us, financially, economically and socially.”

“We consider China as one of the really powerful countries in the world. “We believe if Somalia and China work together, Somalia will restore back its sovereignty and its stability and its whole system of government.”