Somaliland: Artist Ebony Iman Traces Roots From Oklahoma to Hargeisa ‘Through Abahay’s Eyes’


Somalilandsun- Ebony Iman Dallas never got to see her father’s face, and even after a lifetime of seeking, she still only has a hazy notion of what he looked like.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Dallas grew up with both a mother and father, since her mother, Viola, met and married Wayne Dallas, when her oldest daughter was just a toddler. He adopted Ebony, who said her family never made distinctions like half-siblings or adoptive children.

But the artist said her mother also never hid the truth about her biological father, including the suspicious circumstances of his death. Born in Hargeisa, Somalia (which is now the capital of the independent Republic of Somaliland), Osman was found hanging in his dorm room on an Oklahoma college campus in April 4, 1980, a week after he had been in an altercation with police in which he was knocked unconscious and sustained a large gash on his forehead.

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