Somaliland: Anticipated Reshuffle to Axe Remnants of Ex-President Silanyo Administration Snr Officials


Somalilandsun- The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi is expected to make far reaching changes
on different sectors of his administration. Last wee the president marked his 100 days in office with a state of the nation address.
According to information obtained by vernacular Somali newspaper Foorenews confirmed that some politicians and intellectuals close to the realms of power have been circling the presidential mansion like vultures seeking leftovers.
The information further highlighted that some remnants of the Silanyo regime have been in panic mode after rumors emerged that they are expected to be sacked.
Foorenews learnt that the president is planning to make big changes following poor development record by most of these officials. Somalilandsun can announce president Bihi had already plotted to get rid of these officials before however he was waiting for the right time. Our sources confirmed that those expected to be shown the exit door are mostly parastatals chiefs and directors general.
The leaks reaching us further revealed that some of the government institutions on the president radar are as follows…..
1.The Tenders and procurements Board.
2.Central Bank of Somaliland
Also on the spotlight are some government ministries such as the ministry of planning,finance and other departments.
However the report claims that the head of state will fire some of his appointees who have been in office for less than four months but most of those expected to be fired are the remnants of the former administration.
The president has been cautious in choosing his ministers since he came to power and has not yet completed filling all vacancies.