Somaliland: Army Officer in Sanaag Perishes in a Hail of Bullets


By: Yusuf M Hasan
ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Armed forces has lost another officer in a bizarre killing perpetrated by a uniformed colleague in Sanaag region.
The sad incident saw a serviceman attached to the 93rd Army Company in Badan district of Sanaag region gun down his commanding officer 2nd Lieutenant Bashe Ali within camp for reasons yet to be factually ascertained.
The 93rd company based n the frontline with the Somalia administrative region of Puntland is a component of the 3rd Somaliland Army Brigade based n Erigavo the Sanaag regional capital from where any statement from ranking officers is yet to be issued.
According to Somalilandsun sources, the late Lt Bashe Ali lost his brutally while fulfilling his command duties in this instance related to pursuit of missing 93rd Company logistics funds that were in the charge of the serviceman, now gone rogue, who perpetrated the killing.
The deceased Lieutenant becomes the latest officer to lose his life courtesy of a junior officer under his command, which as per the minister of Defense Ahmed Adami “A Bizarre culture gaining foothold in the Somaliland armed forces”
This incident comes in the heels of a similar such incident to occur within a military facility in Somaliland, which saw a private kill one senior officer and injure another one seriously on the 5th April 2015.
In this fateful day Corporal Aidaruss Awale met his death from a hail of bullets fired by Private Mustafa Salah Samatar at the 18th Somaliland army Battalion base in Gambada of Sool region with Private Abdi Ibrahim Abdilahi sustaining serious injuries currently being nursed at the Togdeer regional hospital in Burao.
Similarly In mid September 2014 Captain Mohamed Aw-Rabah Yusuf and Lieutenant Jama Mahmud Hadi, the commanding and operation officers of Somaliland’s 17th army battalion respectively were slain at their QoriLugud military post in Togdeer region by Pvt Farah Mohamed Ismail a soldier under their command.
Similarly on the 30th Sept 2014 the officer in charge of Arabsiyo police station late Captain Abdi Ismail Ali ‘Abdi Ase’ died from multiple wounds he sustained after he was shot several times in Gabile town by an officer he was taking to court for arraignment on charges related to misconduct to the public during security operations in Arabsiyo district of Gabile region.
Victims of the weird slayings are not confined to the disciplined corps but are encroaching ordinary citizens as well as in lieu of the recent lose of life by a prominent business man Late Gamadeere whose demise occurred after a police officer shot him several times at a road block a few kilometers outside Hargeisa, the Somaliland capital.

Ironically none of the uniformed colleague’s slayers have met with the ultimate punishment of death by firing squad imposed by the military court despite assurances of such as a prelude to curd the military friendly fire killings given by defence minister Ahmed Adami.

May Allah rest the souls of late 2nd Lt Bashe Ali and fellow deceased officers in Eternal bliss and hasten the recovery of injured serviceman Abdi.