Somaliland: Armed Forces Commemorates 20th Anniversary


Army Commander Gen Shakale, VP Sayli and Interior Minister Waranade on arrival at Army headquarters for 20 birthday festivities

By: Yusuf M Hassan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – For the first time in its history the Somaliland army celebrated its 20 Anniversary of establishment in a proper structured formation courtesy of recently awarded ranks.

The vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sayli who was the guest of honor at the army festivity held at Army Head quarters Hargeisa extend congratulations to the service men and their families for their two decades of service to the republic of Somaliland.

The various units of the armed forces which trooped their colours and displayed their assortment of weaponry to the delight of distinguished guests among them speaker of Somaliland parliament Abdirahman Irro, Ethiopian general counsel Brig. Berhe Tesfaye, Kulmiye party chairman Ex-Colonel Musa Bihi. Muse Bihi among many others.

The Armed forces chief of staff Gen. Ismail Mohamed Shakale who also congratulated the service men and women for their diligent service and promised the nation of continued defence of its territorial integrity

 Army Musician

The Somaliland National army was established on 2/2/1994 by the then President of Somaliland the late Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal who in conjunction with clan elders used elements of the Somaliland national movement units to constitute its nucleus which is now a modern well trained and equipped that has managed to keep Somaliland peaceful in the turbulent horn of Africa.

The stylish commemoration by the countries armed forces follows the award of ranks to various cadres of commissioned and non commissioned officers effected late last year as fulfillment of campaign pledges made in 2010 by President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo

on Surface and in the air capabilities

The increasing strength of the Somaliland armed forces is a continuous worry to the Somalia Federal Government (SFG) in Mogadishu as can be ascertained by the appeals made to the Ethiopians by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia following the display of might by Army during the 22 celebrations of independence on 18/5/2013.

Proud to Serve

The Visibly shocked Hassan Sheikh Who could not believe that unrecognized Country of Somaliland which revoked its 1960 voluntary union with his Somalia- Italia could single handedly amass an array of modern and sophisticated weaponry with a capability, according to military experts, to reach Mogadishu and beyond. In his complain to the Ethiopians immediately after the 18.5.2013 display, President Hassan sheikh alluded, erroneously, that the unrecognized government of Somaliland did not have the ability for acquiring such military hardware thence the troops and ordinance on display in Hargeisa was of Ethiopian.

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