Somaliland: Apt Integration with Ethiopia Sustains Regional Stability-“Barawani


Mohamed Barawani argues that relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland facilitate regional political stability in the Horn of Africa

Somalilandsun- The continued relationships especially as pertains to cross-border trade/people’s movement and security among others between Somaliland and Ethiopia is not only beneficial to the two neighbouring countries but to the entire Horn Region as well.
This the conclusion made by Mohamed A. Mohamoud “Barawani lately the Executive director of SONSAF and currently a A PhD Candidate, in  Peace, Governance and Development from United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica, in a paper published by the International Journal of Current Research, titled Somaliland-Ethiopia relationship :an initiative for regional economic integration and deepening political stability in the Horn of Africa
ABSTRACT-This paper is going to analyze and light on the political, economic, and trade cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia, the paper explores how Somaliland and Ethiopia’s bilateral relations to be sustained to the existing political context based on the status of de jure concept of statehood and de facto statehood Ethiopia and Somaliland respectively .The paper will also attempt to find out the political and trade implications encountered by both parts in their performance of diplomacy, security and economic relations.
Despite that Somaliland is unrecognized state, it is notable to highlight that the prolonged sustained de factor status had led political maturity of Somaliland over the period, which de facto state sustaining its display for more than two decades and half created an international customary law in the eyes of international community, which Somaliland has proved its competence to contribute security interests of its neighboring states, regional and international and because of this, Somaliland is gaining political legitimacy and becoming an important hub of trade cooperation because of its geopolitical strategic location in the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden.
Somaliland has also demonstrated the capacity and capability to enter bilateral and multilateral deals and there are many regional states and wider international community members who are dedicated to promote the democratic credentials and peacefulness in Somaliland, in the meantime, Ethiopia is second largest population in Africa, fastest economic growing and diplomatic home of the African Union.
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Somaliland-Ethiopia relationship: An initiative for regional economic integration and deepening political stability in the Horn of Africa