Somaliland: Appeal against Death Sentence Imposed on Mentally Ill Abdullahi Ali Ismail


Family says Abdullahi Ali Ismail a menatlly ill relative was sentenced to death in Lasanod town

Somalilandsun – I would like to bring your attention to my brother Abdullahi Ali Ismail, A 32 years old mentally ill father of 9 children, who has been sentenced to death by firing squad by the Somaliland authorities in Las-anod town the capital of Sool region.

I found deplorable the Somaliland authorities are well aware of his past mental illness history and refused to take it to account. Mr Abdullahi has spent 2 years in mental hospital and 6 months at the notorious mandhera jail in Somaliland because of his mental disorder.

The Somaliland court has sentenced my brother to death without the presence of a lawyer and without a psychological evaluation by a medical professional. I would also like to highlight that his case was delayed more than a year which means a lot of supporting evidence were overlooked. In addition to that, Mr Abdullahi’s health has deteriorated since he was arrested by the Somaliland authority.

I believe this penalty is unlawful and seriously violates the basic right for a fair trial of the defendant. Please intervene the execution of my brother by informing the Somaliland authorities to halt the death penalty.

I am looking forward to all your support in getting my brother released

Yours sincerely,

Faisa Ali, sister of Mr Abdullahi Ali