Somaliland and Somalia Joint Market and Supply Chain Update, 4th – 11th October, 2020

In Somaliland Camel milk prices have gone down due to low demand

Somalilandsun: Camel  milk prices are very high in most locations of Somaliland and central regions of Somalia due to low supply.

On the other hand Heavy rains affected the corridor between Galkayo and Wisil village restricting access hence delaying transport services while Rising inflation and deteriorating value of Somali Shilling in Puntland has led to increased prices of essential food items.

This is according to a SomaliaJoint Market and Supply Chain Update, 4th – 11th October, 2020 released by WFP

Key Highlights


Cross border between Ethiopia and Somaliland is normal and
supply of fruits and vegetables is ongoing, most prices
remain the same as last week and are near normal. For
instance in Hargeisa, prices of carrots, garlic, potatoes and
onions remained the same as last week. Tomatoes slightly
decreased from 9,000 to 8,500 Sl. SH (-6%). In addition,
watermelon slightly increased by (3%), scarcity of
watermelons continues and markets are relying on Southern
regions for supply hence prices are very high.

Banadir and Hirshabelle
In Beletweyne, there is decrease of wholesale prices
of some commodities such as such as white maize
which decreased by (-15%) per 25Kgs bag and im-
ported food items; pasta decreased by (-4%) per 10
Kgs and sugar decreased by (-4%) per 50 kgs bag due
to new supplies from Mogadishu.
Due to devaluation of Somali Shillings against the USD, there
were increases of retail prices of most staples and essential
items in the main markets of Bossaso, Qardho and Garowe.
For instance, rice, wheat flour and sugar, which are most,
consumed food items increased by 8% – 13% compared to
previous weeks.

In Doolow, traders have started accepting Ethiopian currency
(Birr), both old and new as the Ethiopian government
extended the use of old currency for another three months.

South West
In Baidoa, fuel prices remain the same compared with last
week and are low. Diesel and petrol prices remain at $0.72
and $0.8 respectively per litre.
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