SOMALILAND: An Open Letter to the President


somaliland president silanyo

By: Hassan Behi

Somalilandsun – Dear Mr. President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud.

Please accept the letter that I am writing from you Kampala, Uganda .Mr. President I know you by face and you know me by Gene. Knowing each other is a plot of wisdom and it would reflect the interest of Our Nation o’er the Internet.

Dear, President We are In a world where the little Child who is just living In Mbarara: Western City In Uganda is eager to Know how to use Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient as a statistical tool for data analysis while he is twisting his thumb to make sure how he could reach there. The wonder is while walking inside o’ Kampala you will see a small group of female and male students in a kindergarten dresses and aged 4-6 with a devotion to express what they have learned in English which is more tough and sophisticated than the English -background of our ministries that we have employed to serve for the nation.Mr, President Uganda was a British protectorate and weeks from now it has celebrated the 51st Independence as a nation .The politics is not so interested in Uganda and even 2% of the population knows the Foreign minister and the Prime minister while the the Somali business Tycoons called the Mandelas and Amina Hersi who was originated from somaliland are well Known in Uganda as a whole .Kampala International University is owned by Hassan Bassajabalaba he is around 45 years old and used to live in the Shanti towns of kampala but his mother sacrificed her life to educate him and For sure he is almost the 6th richest man In Uganda .He dresses up like a poor man but invested in more than 25 businesses .I used to attend a memorial speech hosted by Makerere University on may this year .specially the Literature department and it was 1 week after when the late Nigerian author ,Chinua Achebe has passed away .There was Ministries ,Entrepreneurs ;professors ,authors and the General Public . The wonder was when a lawyer aged around 27 had no concept towards the Minister of Kampala who was the participants. Politics is ephemeral in Uganda but was very famous in 1960s when education and Scholars was so little. Mr, President I do not mean in my letter that politics is waste of time but I do believe that it guides the society but how we have been applying and how the world has applied are two different approaches .Dear, President I swear in the name of living God. We are wheel and deal for politics as a whole while we are abandoned everything else.Yoweri Museveni is the president of Uganda .He appoints and chases out and he had been in power since 1986s but the world says that he is dictatorial but in my perception and the Experience that I have in his way of ruling he is not since he gave his people a stove that they can boil and cook on their Knowledge.Mr, president please do understand with me this point At the 2002 census, Uganda had a literacy rate of 66.8% (76.8% male and 57.7% female)Public spending on education was at 5.2% of the 2002–2005 GDP. Much public education in primary and secondary schools focuses upon repetition and memorization. There are also state exams that must be taken at every level of education. The system of education in Uganda has a structure of 7 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education (divided into 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary school), and 3 to 5 years of post-secondary education. The present system has existed since the early 1960s. Although some primary education is compulsory under law, in many rural communities this is not observed as many families feel they cannot afford costs such as uniforms and equipment. State schools are usually run by the Church of Uganda and are built on land owned as such. In primary education, children sit exams at the end of each academic year in order to discern whether they are to progress to the next class; this leads to some classes which include a large range of ages. Upon completing P7 (The final year of primary education), many children from poorer rural communities will return to their families for subsistence farming. Secondary education is focused mainly in larger cities, with boarding optional. Children are usually presented with an equipment list which they are to obtain at the beginning of their time at secondary school. Mr., president you know the Chief –Aqils in Somaliland and you are at good how to play the local political games which are not so interesting as a whole since they are not Promoting the national Interest or not defending our country from External –Threats. Would you mind to make a response towards my letter and advise me the literacy rate of Somaliland? Again the Interesting story is how much capacity you have as a government to know and Asses the academic needs of our country in details. Dear, President No one knows what the future holds and in the arena of Globalization and no one knows who will lead that small. Fragile, poor country as it was intended to be led. Dear, President your role is to realize many things which need to be addressed.Mr, President Uganda is a very free country and the people are busy for their life and their article of faith is Civilization, knowledge, hard work and reward .There is more than 15,000 Indians In Uganda with a booming business .I have met many professors who are teaching at Makerere, Kampala International University; Bugema and many universities In Uganda while they are Nigerians but Globalization makes everything easy . There is no need of any professor who came from different country which is outside Uganda and teaching at Ugandan universities because Uganda is very enough for its academic matters but it gave them where they can get knowledge and give knowledge .Uganda hosted thousands of foreigners with different identities who have a thirst to get knowledge even U.S and U.K .Mr, President there is 25,000 Nigerians students In Uganda and doing their First degrees, masters and PhD Programmes.Mr, president could you leave out the theory that says: Politics is playing a local hard game with your deprived society and assent the theory that says :

Ø Let’s Create a generations who can compete with knowledge for their international fellows.

Ø Let’s pay up for a budget that can make our youths to study well.

Ø Let’s invite a scholars who can assess the universities, colleges and schools that we have in Somaliland.

Ø Let’s become ecstatic to see a somalilanders who can use English as their first language and Somali as their highest –first language.

Ø Let’s invest in knowledge rather than investing in local politics

Ø Let’s become intuitive about the future of our youth.

Mr., President I had a fellow-feeling at the time you were running for the presidential office .Mr., president the traditional cuisine that we have in Somaliland is Hilib –Geel and Caano-Geel and it is the only thing that the ministries you have appointed could think about .There is no cut-off in our backwardness since they are working with you .Mr, president we can’t even change and manage our future unless you refresh your mind and think forward. Mr, president only few years left for you and iam sorry since you have not already recognized the best legacy that you could leave .Mr, President God has already predestined you for any legacy that you are leaving but you still have a time to update and modernize.

Mr., president for your bad destiny you are leading a nation with a $100,000,000 annual budget and orphaned –children are looking at you up since you are all in a suits and criticizing back for your faults to them.Mr, president all your ministries were received light color since you have appointed them and I swear to god that they could not work with a municipality in kampala .Mr. , president you use very automatic funs at your homes when it is too hot but for them a windowed mother is selling the Qaad in the streets of Buroa,Hargeisa ,borma ,erigavo,Berbera and Las-Anod .Mr,president our society are dead duck and the politics that you are exercising in somaliland is not so modernized and you are only torturing your society while trying to become locally popular through Intimidation and leading is not that .The reckoning day is the day that the living god listens up to its people and rewarding on the basis of their evil or goodness .At that day our mind has been debilitated by the fear of god and we are all accountable to god .prophet Mohamed (P.b.him) Would be there and he was the most beloved one on earth by god .He died when he was poor and chosen the faith and poorness to avoid a clash between him and his god .Dear, President life is so limited and god is testing every one while delegating for some responsibility .Dear ,president Now your people are the poorest ones in the world and they have chosen for you to manage for their matters .God is observing and the position that you are in ,is not easy and god would not debug you but making a documents from you .Mr,president iam decent and African scholar and my letter is not decoy but reflecting upon the situation which needs to be addressed .Mr. ,president your positive deeds is mine and your negative deeds will translate bad things in how we are making the progress .I had deemed you that you are an economist who knows that there is a budget constraint in heaven but it was hard to understand with me that .Mr,president your people ,the people of somaliland are suffering for academic and economic deep vein thrombosis and I doubt that you would have kneel down and pray for their recovery since u don’t want to compensate and guarantee for their life .Mr,president . In 2010 you have stated that you will work impartially and you sworn on the Holy –Quran but completely defaulted. Mr., president you have a grand children .They are at good situation In Camden ,London .They will join Cambridge but god’s eyes are on them .Mr. ,president a mother is delivering a baby in DAAMI and her husband is black smith and he doesn’t have a delighted life and even some money for the hemorrhages. Mr, president the son of the café’s man opposite to the presidential palace is thin, pale and his eyes is haggard and he curses you because his responsibility lies on your shoulders .there is poor families behind the presidential palace and their children is hallucinated by hunger .The abode you are living in has a lot of accumulated decorations .Mr, president please use the common sense, the talent that you have and the Islamic and academic Conscious ergo take a picture from your people and discuss the matter with the elites .We are in a Mexican standoff- situation and as a president don’t put on pressure for your people since you are not helping them for the least things you have . I mightily know that this is my advice and it is option for the president to take or leave and I do know that I can’t soak up the happening in Somaliland .We scholars are not criticizing for what you know leadership and effort Mr, president. It is abstruse to see how Somaliland was running by the different presidents who came into power .No change at all and locally exercising the power to the deprived and vulnerable society in Somaliland. We are in a temporizing situation mr, president and allow your scholars to advise and guide you how to become successful president .No one In your ministers and DGs would have idealize for you a better Contribution because the angels has already freed on their shoulders .Mr, president the only personal Achilles heel that you have is you fear to listen the public opinion of your people while the other presidents accumulate the peoples’ rumors and criticisms to make a corrective actions based on people’s opinions .Mr. ,president listen up your people and play with them the adagio ,the classical songs ,the late algreen’s emotional songs and it is what makes a president .sociable .Draw your abstraction as a president living with the globalization and use your own reasoning as an introvert president who like delegation and living in his world .


Hassan Behi,

Kampala, Uganda.