Somaliland: “Ambulance Confisticated for Non Tax Payment” Selel Governor


Governor Abdilahi Farah

By Gulled Abdi Maher

SAYLA (Somaliland sun) – The Regional Governor of Selel Mr. Abdillahi Farah Maydhane has confirmed an ambulance donated to Harirad district is in the custody of custom officials at Lowy’ado border post for two days because it does not have a letter that allows it tax exemption.

This ambulance was donated by the Isa community in the Diaspora and was on its way to a hospital implemented by the same group in Harirad. Our reporter contacted the custom officials who claimed that the donors had changed the model of the ambulance that was printed on their tax free letter and hence the detention.

The provincial commissioner said that some rogue politicians were trying to politicize the situation to capitalize on the fiasco. He warned the politicians to stop cheating members of the public. The provincial boss stated that the Isa community abroad constructed the hospital at Harirad and donated US dollar 150,000. The hospital consist of 3 wards that contains 30 beds each, 4 outpatient rooms and a conference hall. The confisticated ambulance contains a lot of hospital equipments that will go a long way to help alleviate the health of Harirad residents.