Somaliland: Ambassador Tesfaye Holds Discussions with Visiting Ethiopia Zone Five officials


Gen Tesfaye R with Zone 5 officials in Hargeisa

By: Mahmud Walaleye

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Head of Ethiopia’s Consulate General in Hargeisa- Somaliland, Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye has hosted the visiting delegation from his country’s Somali zone 5 regional administration at the Ethiopian Embassy in Hargeisa where discussions on cross border security and trade with Somaliland were discussed.

Discussions covered the need to sustain the well established and effective tradition of information exchange on security matters. The Head of the Ethiopian mission who described the discussion as “a timely one for it is taking place at the eve of the celebration of Ethiopian peoples, nations and nationalities day in Jigjiga” briefed the stakeholders on the current status of relations between the Governments of Ethiopia and Somaliland administration. He appreciated the common understanding being created towards the need of eliminating al-shabaab and other extremist elements for a more rapid economic and social development. The people-to-people as well as government-to-government relations are being broadening from time to time as both sides remain committed for mutual understanding and meaningful engagement. The General who noted the strong cooperation on security and political matters, infrastructure, trade, investment as well as social affairs such as education and health also pointed out that the relation is now being transforming into a level of strategic partnership. Ethiopia is the first country which has an office providing facilitated services to the people of Somaliland including visas with the aim of consolidating the social bond between the peoples of the two sides and helping free movement of the people of Somaliland for different reasons. The commencement by the Ethiopian Airlines of direct flight to Hargeisa also comes from Ethiopia’s strong desire of doing its part in connecting Somaliland with Ethiopia and other parts of the whole world. Hundreds of higher education scholarships, including by Jigjiga University, provided to Somaliland students every year have contributed to the cordial relations and Head of the Hargeisa mission Ethiopia underlined the need offer more opportunities on the area. The officials of the Somali Regional State on their part noted that ongoing preparations for the peaceful celebration of the colorful Ethiopian peoples, nations and nationalities day in Jigjiga are in full swing. The two sides have also discussed in details on the need of combining efforts and agreed on future directions to effectively contain any minor terrorist attempts aimed to disturb the forthcoming event. Other senior diplomats from the Consulate General were in attendance of the meeting. A delegation of officials from the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia is in an official visit in Somaliland for discussions on the security situation at common borders.

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