Somaliland: Ambassador Bashe Omar Discusses National Issues with Citizens Resident in the UAE


Amb Bashe Awil Farah the Somaliland diplomatic envoy to the UAE at meeting with citizens in Abu Dhabi

By: Mahmud Walaleye
ABU DHABI ( Somalilandsun) – The participation of Somalilanders resident in the UAE on the national development of Somaliland was the main menu during a breakfast meeting in Abu Dhabi.
The breakfast hosted by the Somaliland diplomatic envoy to the UAE Ambassador Bashe Omar Farah had participants pooled from citizens living in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi where the two sides exchanged views on issues of their country’s Importance..
Amb Bashe who was incidentally meeting the Abu Dhabi based citizens for the first time since assuming his office gave a detailed briefing on the prevalent status back home as pertains to development, economy, security, international relations and forthcoming elections attained under the guidance of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.
“We are not only here to break the day’s Ramadan fast as countrymen and some but to discuss on issues pertinent to our country’s status and development as well as the way forward” said Amb Bashe.
Noting on the sectors that have benefited more from assistance provided by the UAE administration and citizens of Somaliland resident in the Gulf state, the envoy singled out water where large infusion of cash and materials has seen various regions availed clean drinking water through rehabilitation and or , construction of boreholes and reservoirs as well as supply of new water pumps and piping.
“Apart from water sector development the Emiratis and our citizens here have participated much with provision of drought alleviation supplies that have gone along way in helping citizens emerging from the worst drought in the country.
While the UAE has been along term friend to Somaliland where it has intervened both in development and humanitarian support the recent contract to manage and develop Berbera port worth over $400m is the most important in terms of the confidence shown by the Emiratis in investing in a country not yet recognized internationally as sovereign.
In conclusion Amb Bashe Omar Farah who congratulated the UAE based citizens for their steadfast believe and support of their country also took the opportunity to urge all other citizens in the diaspora and at home including opposition parties in uniting for the well being of Somaliland as a nation.