Senior UN Staffer Resigns Over Unethical and Broken Standards of Accountability


Anders Kompass

Anders Kompass a Top UN whistleblower resigns citing impunity and lack of accountability after exposing sexual abuse by peacekeepers in Central African Republic

Somalilandsun-Ethical standards within the UN will not improve until those responsible… are personally made to suffer for their actions.”
This was stated by Anders Kompass who recently resigned from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, ending a 17-year career as the director of field operations. Formerly a Swedish diplomat, he had also previously served as the UN’s representative in El Salvador also became the highest ranking UN staffer to whistleblow on massive sexual abuses by UN peacekeepers.
In an exclusive interview with IRIN the Swedish diplomat said that There is no hierarchy in the horror and brutality He witnessed during two decades at the UN – massacres, torture, killings, the displacement of populations –“ but an eight-year-old boy describing in detail his sexual abuse by the peacekeepers meant to protect him is the kind of account I wish I’d never had to read”
On the UN system which he termed as unethical and one where staffers are intimidated to silence Anders says changes will only occur after those responsible are held to account since “The UN rarely holds employees to account for unethical actions, particularly those in positions of power.”
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