Somaliland: All Sl’s Options Exhausted; Is It a Time to Talk Directly to Mogadishu?


President Guele of djibouti watches a presidential embrace between Hasan of somalia and silanyo of somaliland

By Abdirahma Mohamed Dirye
Somalilandsun – You may find the title offensive and call me devil’s advocate, but that’s where we are today unless you in deep fantasy world where your Somaliland took off and landed at Sodom and Gomorrah, not stuck in the midair . However; Somaliland leaders virtually tried everything to make Somaliland a reality but met with failure. They went to Addis Ababa, London, Dubai, and Ankara seeking ways to end ill-fated union with Somalia but all was an exercise in futility. Very recently, president Silanyo went to Djibouti to talk with Somalia via Djibouti officials, the result was to keep talking in the old venue: Ankara to reap nothingness. Shall we travel to Mogadishu to talk them directly without any Kurdish or Turkish mediators or do the same thing over and over again and expect different outcome? Why are we scared of them?
Somaliland stated mission is to get global recognition whatsoever means possible either by going to Tel Aviv or Mogadishu if that contributes to the stated political goal of our nation and enables us to succeed to that regard. But we are seriously doing it or unable to do. Often inappropriate people who lack finesse negotiation skills accompany the president for talks contribute to the deadlock.
I asked many political researchers of how to find ever-sought needle in hay, people who worked on disunity of the Sudan and whether touring in the regions, and talking to Somali officials in foreign lands will stand chance to prevail, but most of their advice offer was to talk directly to Somalia’s President in Mogadishu but also there’s no guarantee for success, however; the attainment of the goal is more likely, they say.
Is there any exit strategy of the quagmire? I asked “if he talks through backdoor channels your president always would return empty-handed” one said.
Only one suggested if we hold a timely election we still can have the respect of the world but it’s not panacea to the problem, it may encourage foreign investors to come to Somaliland. “If you speak man-to-man to Mogadishu leadership that may significantly affect the directions of talks”
The peaceful situation in Somaliland over as tanks and artilleries moved to Borama of the peace-loving people when they peacefully protested injustices and political exclusiveness, once again Shaqale the bloodthirsty warlord and instrumental in 1994 civil war took charge of the affairs to kill off innocent people therefore the claims of unified peaceful Somaliland is over weakening Somaliland’s position globally losing the image of the ” bottom up approach” as opposed to militarized solutions handed down to the people from above.

Somaliland begun internal disintegration, it’s slipping out of our hands gradually. In old days tribes willingly joined but Somaliland’s ragtag army was sent to stop the stampede of the who are desperate to leave: the east is out and the west region followed, end of story.
Somaliland falsely accuse of Awdal of joining to Somalia when they’re not but asked to get fair deal in the power sharing formula
Many Issaaqs are in solidarity with the people of Borama whose town is under besiege because Sultan Wabari whom many believed was prepared in advance, organized, and financed by Silanyo’s junta to justify two years extension, said that they left the business of Somaliland. Does that justify invading towns, intimidating youth, and arbitrarily arresting MPs? If yes let put Ali Warana’de in trial because he said worse thing “… Somaliland is a part and parcel of the federal structure, even Puntland and Galmudug is better than Somaliland therefore our president is simply a governor…” I know your feeble response; it’s no because Ali’s motive at the least in your erroneous judgment is clean and harmless unlike Wabari is anti-sematic. For us is okay to say so and so but it’s sin for others to speak their mind on Somaliland.
Talking directly is the only remaining option today, so let’s face the truth sooner than later and kiss the outcome.