Somaliland: ALIGHT utilizes Prominent Personalities in fight Against Covid-19

To Help Stop COVID-19 Spread, Somali Influencers Share Lifesaving Health Messages – Including Asking People To Please Wear A Mask

Somalilandsun: Alight, formerly known as American Refugee Committee, is proud to announce its collaboration with Somali influencers in a health awareness campaign termed as #InOurHands – intended to help stop COVID-19 in the Horn of Africa by sharing lifesaving information and preventive measures.  As authorities are leading the fight against COVID-19, Alight is contributing to this effort by enlisting prominent Somalis such as musicians, TV personalities and influencers to spread prevention messages and raise awareness about the threat of the pandemic on communities.

Outlining the objectives of the #InOurHands campaign, Adan Adar, Alight Country Director, stated, “With the support of prominent Somali personalities who have immense online presence and traditional media audience we intend to create a campaign that could reach a critical mass of the Somali population in the Horn with clear and preventive lifesaving health messages such as wearing masks in public.”

ALIGHT utilizes Prominent Personalities in fight Against Covid-19 among Somalis

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Alight has designed and distributed health messaging derived from the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how best to prevent the virus. Collectively called #InOurHands, the campaign includes messages on washing hands, the importance of social distancing, and facts that debunk COVID-19 misinformation. #InOurHands asks that people cover their faces anytime you leave home – with a mask, a bandana, something to protect you and the people around you.

Newest public figures for the #InOurHands campaign are Dr. Mohamed Warsame – Public Health Expert; Najma Abdi –Activist/Influencer; Khadra Daahir – Famous Singer; Farhan Haji Ali, Owner of Horn Cable TV (HCTV); Abdisalam Hereri – TV Personality; Khaalid Foodhaadhi – Journalist; Ayaan Mohallim – Fashion Design and Retail; Abdirashid Hashi – Thought Leader; Sooraan & Jawaan – Comedians; DJ Subeer – Influencer.

Making use of their popular and influential interactive platforms, these influencers will be using traditional and social media to engage millions of people with critical COVID-19 preventive health messages. The community will have the opportunity to engage with these influencers who understand the Somali experience and can deliver useful information in a contextually appropriate way on accessible platforms.

Explaining why she joined the #InOurHands campaign, Ms. Najma Abdi said, “Since COVID19 is a serious public health threat that does not have a cure or vaccine, we must all take preventive measures such as wearing a mask, and I am adding my voice to Alight’s superb awareness campaign.”

Together with the government health authorities and awareness campaigns of these influencers, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

To learn more about the #InOurHands campaign, please visit @we.are.alight on Instagram or @WeAreAlight on Facebook, and to show your support, please visit


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