Somaliland: Ailing Veteran Peacemaker Abdi Waraabe in Hospital


President Silanyo visits Abdi Warabe before he was dispatched for medical treatment Abroad

By: M.A Egge

Somalilandfsun – The eminent grand politician, peace-maker and veteran Guurti MP Hon. Haji Abdikarim Hussein is alive and not in critical condition. He is touted as being the oldest living Somalilander.

This was confirmed to the media yesterday by the head of the immigration department Col. Ali Mohammed Yusuf following a wave of false rumours that tore through the city that the veteran politician had passed away.

“I hereby affirm the fact that Haji Abdi is alive and well”, said Col. Yusuf.

He said that following several calls to him from concerned people he telephoned the senior statesman’s son Ahmed Haji Abdi, who is with his ailing father, yesterday morning who informed him that the old man walked to the john (lavaratory) and was alive and well.

“People should not be fed with flimsy lies that cause them deep anxieties for no apparent reasons”, he is quoted as reportedly telling the press, as monitored by the THT.

“As for passing away, one would pass on one’s day”, said the immigration Chief who happens to be close in kinship to the veteran peace-maker.

Haji Abdikarim who happens to be the most eminent parliamentarian in the country’s bicameral National Assemblies Parliament was flown out of the country on Thursday following a visit to his home by the President himself.

He has also been visited by the vice president and the speaker of the parliament apart from several ministers and other leaders.