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A High Efficiency Power Generation System And

A Method Of Operating Same



Summary of invention:

Existing technology used in power plants to produce electricity usually utilizes a fuel source, such as coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, or solar energy to produce electricity. In a combined cycle power plant, Hydrocarbons are used to create heat. The heat is used to boil water to create steam, the steam under high pressure is used to spin a turbine, which in turn spins a shaft that is connected to a rotor on which an electromagnet (or permanent magnet) is located. In case of electromagnet, the electromagnet is powered by its own power supply to maintain the electromagnetic field. The rotor is surrounded by stationary coils (stators). The spinning of the rotor causes the spinning of the electromagnet. As the electromagnet spins, the magnetic field lines of the electromagnet intersect the stator coils thereby inducing electricity in the stator coils in accordance with Faraday’s law.


The mechanical movement of the rotor in the system does not contribute to powering the electromagnet. Rather, it is there to allow the magnetic field lines to cross the coils of the stator. All mechanical movement involved in spinning the electromagnet in the traditional induction generator is taxing to the system and contributes to about 40% energy loss or more. Additionally, the energy required to initiate the mechanical movement in the system results from combustion reaction due to the burning of hydrocarbons to boil the water and create the steam. The burning of hydrocarbon is a known contributor to greenhouse effect and global warming and generally has a negative impact on the environment.


In the current invention, the induction generator comprises a stationary electromagnet and stationary coils (stator) oriented to be inside the magnetic field of the electromagnet and intersected by the magnetic field lines of such field. Like the traditional system, the electromagnet is powered by its own external power source. Instead of moving the rotor of the generator to have a rate of change in the magnetic flux on the stators, the magnetic flux is changed by varying the magnetic field of the electromagnet in time, which is established by changing the current supplied to the electromagnet in the rotor over time. This allows for increasing the efficiency of the system significantly while eliminating all elements mentioned above that negatively affects the environment. Specifically, the new induction generator described in this application removed the need for any movement in the system, thereby eliminating the energy loss associated with such movement. Since there is no movement requirement, the need for burning of hydrocarbons to power such movement is also eliminated. The result of this is increasing the efficiency of the induction generator and reducing the system’s carbon footprint.


Inventor: 1. Alexis Herrera

  1. Iyad Baghdane


Full text available in PCT Application No. PCT/IB2020/050004


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