Somaliland: After Killing of Mursal Landers in Mogadishu Appeal for an Airlift back to Hargeisa


Part of the many Somaliland citizens in Somalia afraid for their lives

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- We urgently appeal for help from the government of somalilamd in order to leave Somalia immediately before we are all killed
This was stated by citizens of Somaliland living and working in various towns in Somalia during a press conference they held in Mogadishu following the assassination of a fellow Somaliland who served as the director general of the Somalia high court late Mursal Omar Osman.
The deceased was gunned down in daylight in Mogadishu by the driver of former Somalia national intelligence service director General Gafow whom Somalia police say they have arrested though he is yet to be arraigned in court
According to a statement released i by police spokesperson Quasimodo Ahmed Roble n Mogadishu on the 13th of this month murderer was acknowledged as driver to former NIS director and identified as Nuur Farah Haile.

Police sources indicate that Nuur Farah has signed a statement in which he accepts blame for the killing in Mogadishu. A media report about this acknowledgement attributed the following words to the perpetrator
Nuur Farah has confessed to killing Mursal in Mogadishu “Am fully and solely responsible for the death of Nuur who wa like a brother to me having lived in the same compound for along time” and giving reasons for the killing as a slight argument the now in custody killer appealed to the government of Somalia and family of his victim for mercy
At the press conference by Somalilanders in Somalia that came a day after the murder of late Mursal, in which hundreds of participants included youths and the elderly from both genders the Government of Somaliland was asked to urgently arrange for airlift of all those of their citizens in Somalia.
“We plead to our brothers and sisters in Hargeisa for helping in returning us back home” said conference participants as they claim d that their lives are in danger and they no longer feel safe in any part of Though we are here working for the federal government of Somalia we appeal to the Somaliland administration , said the conferrees thus placing authorities in Hargeisa at dilemma since the constitution of Somaliland explicitly terms a citizen owing allegiance to Somalia authorities a Traitor.
By the time of gong to press nothing has happened in Mogadishu as per the fears indicated by Somalilanders there nor has the government in Hargeisa reacted.
While a large number of Somalilanders work for the federal government of Somalia some of them at very senior r postings no and also in parliament in contravention to local laws this is a good diplomatic opportunity to give back to Mogadishu in Kind.
The only reaction has been from General Gafow that come following the arrest of the killings perpetrator in Mogadishu who is his personal driver and said to have been hiding at the former spymasters house following the assassination.
Gen Gafow“The Nuur Farah who killed the late Mursal has been my driver for a long time” said Gen Gafow adding that the murder took place in Waberi district of Mogadishu where both the perpetrator and deceased both resided.
At the same time having acknowledged that the his driver is currently under police custody courtesy of his cooperative family Gen Gafow said that “though CID is conducting investigations related to circumstances leading to the killing, the fate of the murderer pends the late Mursal’s family decision.
If the family of the deceased pursue formal law then my former driver shall be the executed but if they opt for customary law then 100 heads of camels or price in cash shall be paid as blood money” that compensation by the killers family
Watch the Somalilanders press conference in Mogadishu