Somaliland: Administration in a Governance Charm Offensive in the Eastern Regions

President Bihi consolidates Somaliland’s territorial integrity

Somalilandsun: The eastern regions of Somaliland formerly neglected by the central government in Hargeisa can are now the major focus of president Muse Bihi Abdi’s administration.

This can be ascertained by the growing number of ministers currently in the two eastern regions of the country where they are engaged in inspecting various development projects as well as public services provision in both Sool and Saanag regions.

Residents of Sool and regional administration receive prof Faraton in Las Anod

In Sool region the foreign minister Prof Basin Mahmud Faraton is the regional capital Las Anod where his delegation received a tumultuous welcome from residents as well as regional administrators in what was the first home coming for the minister since president Bihi ascended to office three years ago.

Apart from the unprecedented large number of residents in reception the lineup welcoming Prof Faratoon which was led by Sool regional governor Abdiqani Mahmud Jidhe included the mayor of Las Anod local government councilor Abdiaziz Hussein Taarwale in addition to several traditional leaders among them Garaads and Sultans.

Somaliland foreing minister Prof Faraton in Las Anod

In their welcoming speeches both the Sool regional administrators and traditional leaders said it was an honour hosting the minister who is a local son and that his visit on behalf of the administration of president Bihi shall be availed all protocols.

The foreign minister whose delegation includes the Director General at the Somaliland presidency Mohamed Ali Bile among other top government officials informed that the main purpose of the visit which is an official one was ‘to inspect development projects and public service provision” as per the wishes of his boss President Muse Bihi.

Though a triumphant arrival and reception for Prof Faraton the choice of blue coloured mask and gloves is out of place considering that they are the national colours of neighbouring Somalia

While it is not yet clear how long the Prof Faratoon led team shall be in the region or which areas shall be visited as part of its mission his Public works and housing counterpart Abdirashid Duale Qambi is in neighbouring Buhodle which though made a region is officially still a district in Sool.

The Minister Qambi delegation which began its tour at the Horufadhi town of Buhodle was also accorded at warm welcome by local authorities, traditional and religious leaders as well as a large multitude of residents.

Somaliland Public works and housing minister Abdirashid Duale Qambi in Buhodle district of Sool region

The public works and housing minister who informed that his team is going to undertake development projects and public services provision assessment also revealed that the Somaliland head of state has delegated him the mandated to reconcile two warring clans in the area whose skirmishes had resulted in both death and injuries.

Prior to the visit by the  duo of Foreign and public works ministers , their information , culture and national guidance counterpart Suleiman Yusuf Ali Kore spent a couple of official working days in  Sool region where he scrutinized various development projects and availability  public services in the districts of Las Anod, Tukaraq and Taleeh among others.

In neighbouring Saanag a ministerial delegation has been in traversing the region for over a month a time mostly spent not only inspecting development projects and public services provision and access for residents but parleying local authorities and traditional leaders on security issues.

inset and center tghe Somaliland information minister Suleiman Yusuf Ali Kore inspects government facilities in Sool region

The government team dispatched to Saanag region by President Bihi a month ago is led by interior minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and includes the minister of council’s coordination Mohamed Haji Aden, Planning minister Hasan Jama Gaafadhi, Youth and Sports minister Boos Mire Mohamed, minister of justice Mustafa Mohamed Ali Bile, minister of Environment and rural development Ms. Shukri Bandare and their defense counterpart Abdiqani Mohamed Ateeye.

So far the Minister Kahin led delegation has managed to end the last clan insurgency in the region after the Xaqdoon militia not only laid down its arms but handed them over to the Somaliland military as well following successful negotiations between the administration and clan sponsoring elders.

inter-ministerial delegation in Sanaag region led by interior minister Mohamed Kahin

While this broad inter-ministerial delegation has managed to have Xaqdoon militia disband it is set for a continued stay of mission as it pursues reconciling two oft warring clans of El Afweine district whose regular skirmishes have ensued with unnecessary loss of lives and injuries while enhancing poverty through destroyed livelihoods solely depended on livestock.

With almost half the senior members of the Somaliland council of ministers in the two regions it appears as if the administration of President Bihi is on a large scale charm offensive in both Saanag and Sool regions that have always been politically turbulent due to jurisdictional claims by neighbouring Somalia administrative region of Puntland.

Xaqdoon clan militias lay down arms

While numerous skirmishes between Somaliland forces and those from Somalia disguised as Puntland militia have taken place the ultimate allusion of jurisdictional authority by either has never been firm thence the ongoing charm offensive by President Bihi might or is seemingly changing that to the chagrin of Garowe based Puntland authorities and their covert masters in Mogadishu.

And though the upper hand in Sool and Saanag regions currently belong president Bihi elections planned for later this in Somalia which alleges territorial authority might spiral into Somaliland courtesy of Mogadishu based President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo who is under strict orders from his paymasters to ensure that all states under the federal government of Somalia participate.

Somalia’s life and peace party

President Farmajo whose tenure at Villa Somalia has been entirely focused in disrupting the Somaliland quest for international recognition at every turn is reported to have collated a number of traitorous Somalilanders based Mogadishu who he has financed to form  political entity dubbed ‘Xisbiga Nolool iyo Nabad’ that is Life and peace party.

Reports indicate that the Somalia registered life and peace party is in advanced plans to hold a campaign rally in Buhoodle district of Sool region in Somaliland soon.