Somaliland: Administration Commits to Bolstering Ties with Ethiopia


As president Silanyo meets visiting officials from Ethiopia’s Somali administrative region

President Silanyo flanked by his deputy Sayli (L) chairs a meeting between Somaliland and Somali regional administration of Ethiopia

By M.A. Egge

Somaliland sun – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo reiterated the need of bolstering the brethren-ship and bilateral relations presently being cherished between SL and her Ethiopian neighbor.

The Head of State similarly congratulated the Ethiopian Somali Zone 5 administration of having made gigantic steps as far as development was concerned.

The President gave the sentiments in an unprecedented milestone statement according to Spokesman of the Presidency Eng. Hussein A. Egge, when the Head of State met yesterday morning with the Ethiopian zone 5 (Somali region) ministers in his office at the Presidency who paid him a courtesy call.

The Ethiopian ministers who are currently in the country, celebrated their national The People’s Nations Day with their Diaspora compatriots.

In a written statement, the President called for the need to bolster relations such that the brotherliness, peaceful stability and commerce may be stepped up.

(Read below at the end of this article the full statement of the President).

In ushering in the ministers the Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi welcomed the visitors happily. He too reiterated to good neighbourly and bilateral relations the two countries enjoyed.

Hon. Khadar Abdi Ismael who leads the delegation congratulated the President for pragmatic leadership he described as borne of great experience.

He precisely hailed the President for having swiftly reconstituted his cabinet after the recent several resignations and termed the express replacements as a mark of leadership acumen.

Hon. Khadar who holds the Commerce and Transportation Portfolio was particularly emotionally touched by the manner of reception both the state and the people of Somaliland accorded his delegation.

Ethiopia Zone five officials at the meeting with Somaliland president in Hargeisa

He pledged that he would do his utmost best to step up more commercial and associated relations between the two countries hence underscored the area of fisheries whereby he said needed to be exploited hence exported to Ethiopia from SL.

He conceded the fact that the trade imbalance was presently in favour of his country.

He profoundly thanked the president, the government and the people of Somaliland for having welcomed them hilariously.

The President sent a special message and greetings to the Zone 5 President Abdi Mohamud Osman. His meeting with the Ethiopian visitors was quite fruitful and happened in a jubilant, candid and brotherly mood.

President’s Speech to the Ethiopian Delegation

Your Honourables,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your visit to SL and am honoured by your call of courtesy this morning.

Secondly, I congratulate you on the occasion of your annual national anniversary on The People’s Nations Day that you celebrated jointly with the Ethiopian Diaspora in Somaliland.

Similarly, I laud you for the peaceful stability, development and positive livelihood change that you have established in the Somali Administration of Ethiopia which was grossly under-developed before.

This is a matter that I am profoundly happy with hence an excellent example to all Somali nations in the Horn of Africa region.

Your Honourables,

This country which I head is convicted to the fostering and bolstering of the bilateral relations with our neighbor Ethiopia especially the Somali administration of Ethiopia.

Therefore, so that we make concretely good of the political, security and commercial relations we cherish, it is incumbent upon us to fortify and at the same time jointly work towards the following;

· Bolstering border security.

· Fight against terrorism.

· Share (security) information on peace adversaries.

· Repatriation of criminals.

· Fledge commerce and integration of the populace.

Exchange of gifts

Lastly, both our pledge and foundation should be on the basis of joint efforts towards the essence of being, brethren-ship and good livelihoods of both the populaces of the communities which we lead.

Once I again I would like to thank you and convey my message of greetings to the President of the Somali administration of Ethiopia H.E. Abdi Mohammed Omar.