Somaliland: Abuse of Media Power


Abdinassir with Minister Hirsi in the USABy: Mukhtar Haji Ali Osman

Somalilandsun – To some he is known as the Owner and Editor-in-chief of Hadhwanaag Media. To many, he is also known as Ahmednassir Jibril Farah the two-faced attention seeker who owns Hadhwanaag and Baligubadle media.

Last weekend in Washington, D.C, Ahmed Nassir flew out from his city of Toronto, Canada to report on President Ahmed Silanyo’s community event.

Surprisingly, Ahmed Nassir did more than just that. He had photo-ops with Minister Mohamed Omar and Hersi Ali Haji Hassan. It’s pretty funny as these are the same people he’s been waging war on within the past year.

After the Municipal Elections in November, Angry Xaqsoor supporters voiced their opposition about the election results. Ahmed Nassir – who was a fellow supporter – began to use his websites to take it to the next level.

It is well known that Ahmed Nassir was the financial backer and orchestrator of the Ilkajir vs Hersi/Silanyo war. Ahmed Nassir – using his cyber power – paid Saeed Ilkajir and Abdirashid Ali Hamari to construct the useless song. Much to his dismay, the plan backfired and reception of the song was negative. This was one of Ahmed Nassir’s many sad attempts to create havoc in Somaliland and ruin the country’s stability.

His next attempt was the saddest one yet. A writer – who did not disclose his name – wrote an article titled “Silanyo Dushaada ka filo Qoriga Shiishka Dheer”. This article was not an official news report but Hadhwanaag was still responsible for its publication. Like every article that appears on Hadhwanaag, the editor puts the appropriate picture for it. And Ahmed Nassir did just that, posting several photos of guns, terrorists and snipers. Not only is this extremely unacceptable, it’s also a crime. A death threat is a serious matter and there is zero tolerance for it anywhere in the world.

The article was later removed but concerned citizens worldwide made screenshots of the article and spread it throughout the online community. That didn’t stop Ahmed Nassir.

Hadhwanaag editor assortedHe continued to bash the government by using his website and paying well known public figures to speak out against them. And it wasn’t just ordinary opposition talk. They were controversial and ridiculous statements filled with hatred.

He gave the music thing another try, this time with the help of his brother. They paid different personalities – Singer Issaq Kastam and Barkhad Jibril to come up with another Silanyo/Hersi diss. The video was posted on his youtube account “Somalilandinfo” with his brother’s name in the caption box as the video-creator. You can view it here:Xariif Tuulo

If you didn’t know why he’s viewed as a misleading, troublemaking hypocrite, you definitely do now. Who can take this guy seriously? His website gained popularity over the past few years and now he’s on a power trip. But we Somalilanders can put an end to this – by boycotting Hadhwanaag and Baligubadle and all the other tribal rubbish websites that are trying to divide us.

Mukhtar Haji Ali Osman