Somaliland: Abgaal Urges Constrictive Criticisms to Empty Rhetoric


By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISSA (Somalilandsun) “The Parliament lead by Wadani political party chief is the one that passed the roads bill”, said Posts and Telecommunication Minister in a satirical retort to senior Wadani politicians who are against the enacted law.

Hon. Mohammed JamaAbgaal who spoke to members of the press in Borama decried the opposition’s besmirching rhetoric which he said that they mounted on uncalled for platforms.

“It is unheard of to mount academic dais and spill adverse political rhetoric to school children”.

He called for the respect of the sanctities of all schools.

Recalling that there were spirited attempts to call for parliament not to pass the bill, the minister quipped that the eventualities testate to the fact that the Wadani hierarchy were not dually in tandem.

In an apparent answer to midweek rhetoric by Wadani deputy chairman Mr. Mumin Seed, the minister said that the government would always be at the forefront to articulate in its planning and establish social infrastructural needs.

He said that the self-help road projects efforts had been advanced in Awdal region and is being emulated by other areas.

This, he said, is worth supporting.

He said that the government accepts constructive criticism just as it accepts challenging political campaigns at its opportune time.

He said that development was a major priority in the government’s policies.