Somaliland : A Tragic Story of Sick and Starving Kids Continues, Off Camera


The Toghdeer Regional Health Officer Dr Yusuf Dirir Ali MD and ABC news Africa producerCameraman Dingani Masuku on the Tragic Story of Sick and Starving children in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- Dear Dingani, I am so sorry to let you know that baby Canab Jama Abdullahi passed away a day after your interview, This is how it is day in and day out in the drought-and-disease-devastated Somaliland.
This heartrending message was written by the Toghdeer Regional Health Officer Dr Yusuf Dirir Ali, MD in communication with ABC news Africa producer/Cameraman Dingani Masuku who had been in Somaliland together with journalist Sally Sara covering the country’s drought Tragedy
Public response to the The subsequent heartbreaking ABC news report, from Sally Sara on Sunday 2 July, about the terrible situation in Somaliland was so overwhelming thence not only crashing the Care Australia website. but stirred Australians to respond massively to donation appeal.
Watch: Six Days in Somaliland, the 4 minutes Video on Drought that Crashed Care Australia Website
For Dingani who does not regularly dabble in reporting the events encountered in Somaliland were so distressing thence eliciting him to share his six day’s in Somaliland experiences in a backstory
According to the ABCs African Producer cum Cameraman the situation in Somaliland had prepared him for sad message from Dr Yusuf on the demise Canab, The words of the Toghdeer regional medic during interview at the Burao hospital,”The international community has a duty to help these children.”keep ringing in his head
Despite the heart rendering episodes occasioned by drought, for Dingani Masuku
It is difficult to understand why Somaliland is denied full nationhood as it is the most peaceful region in war-ravaged Somalia.
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