Somaliland: A Rescue Mission Turned Fatal for Journalist Fatanstic

Journalist Abdilahi Mahmud 'fantastic' after his beating by suspected security officers in Hargeisa
Somalilandsun: Details of a shock incident that occurred in Hargeia last Saturday night have emerged.
The incident that saw local journalist  Abdillahi Mahmud “Fantastic’ sustain serious injuries at Masala estate in Hargeisa also saw a military officer suffer the same fate.
Narrating the ordeal of the bizarre incident Abdilahi Fantastic told HOL that the severe Injuries he and the officer sustained were inflicted by an armed  group who were in the act of neutralizing a young female neighbour.
“Last saturday  when I arrived home at around 9pm cries of pain from a neighbouring house could be heard clearly “
But a short while later the cries ceased thus the Journalist went to bed without investigating only to awaken by the same but now loud cries at midnight.
As per  norm Fantastic who decided to respond went out with a bullet less pistol and on to the victim house , he met a .military officer thus a man rescue force.
“As we neared the house the cries of pain and for help became louder forcing us to k knock hard on the door”
But according to the reporter immediately the door opened a group of armed men who could be seen beating up the young lady.
“Upon .asking why they were beating up the woman , replied that they were security officers while ordering us (me and the soldier) to leave he scene”
The two faces of Somaliland journalist Abdilahi Mahmud Fantastic

But their refusal to leave and subsequent demands for and end to the beatings turned fateful with the armed group now attacking the duo.

Before  being  clobbered to the floor  the duo observed the naked women  in distress being taken to another room within the house.
The entire time their torture went on their tormentors kept on boosting that  being on official duties they could do whatever they wished.
Estimatiing the brutal group to be of either  6-7 men, the reporter is not certain of their identify nor confirm nor negate their membership of any Somaliland  security force.
This incident has received wide condemnation from ordinary citizens most expressing distaste in various social media platforms
But according to Rights lawyer and activist Gulied Ahmed Jama the events surrounding the torture and subsequent Injuries on the female and her two man  rescue force unmasks the illegal detention cum torture centres the Somaliland intelligence services are operating.
In a tweet the lawyer who is also founder of Human Rights Center posted @guleidj
HRC centre on illegal detention and torture centres I I Somaliland
In a subsequent tweet on behalf of the Human Rights Centre -HRC a body in constant defence of rights in Somaliland Guleid Dafac wrote
“We are alarmed by the reports of the intelligence agency arbitrarily detaining & beating people. We conducted initial interviews & reviewed medical documents. We call on the government to stop the intelligence agency from abusing power and detaining people in illegal facilities.end
Now that it is no longer a secret it is hoped that the administration better as far up as the presidency shall address the matter officially.