Somaliland: A Limping Farole Takes his Horseed Party Circus Back to Garowe


By: Yusuf M HasanFarole: Oh Badan why haz thy forsaken I?

BADAN (Somalilandsun) – 3 people were left dead and scores injured after Clashes with Farole political Supporters turned gruesome in East Sanaag.

Supporters of the Horseed political party led by the president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland Abdirahman Farole were denied entry into Badhan town in Sanaag region.

The Farole supporters who ventured into the town to open an office for the Horseed party who upon being denied permission by officials turned violent left minus three of their dead.

While in pursuit of regular activities Badhan residents who were put to shock by a horns blaring convoy of vehicles adorned with publicity symbols of Farole and his Horseed party took over their town.

Badan Residents pack Farole back to GaroweAssuming that the curiosity of the bemused residents was support for the Puntland president, the Horseed party agents started to address the virtues of the Garowe strongman.

Despite their misgivings the bemused residents hungry for action as any in the country gave the floor to the Horseed agents only to turn upon them, immediately they termed Badan district as part and parcel of Puntland.

Mayhem broke After the Farole/Horsed cabal refused to adhere to requests to restrict their campaigns to Puntland because Badan district and all parts of Eastern Sanaag were in Somaliland.

The Puntland regional administration in Garowe has erroneously laid claim to most parts of Somaliland’s eastern regions of Sanaag and Sool where it arms and pays clan militias to foment trouble for the government in Hargeisa.

The naïve Horseed party agents who had bragged to their boss Farole about his 100% control of the Badan district left town in a hurry after ensuing battles left three of them dead and scores others injured.

Despite his recent reconciliatory moves and low level talks with Somaliland, President Abdirahman Farole remains committed to wrenching, by hook or crook, the eastern parts of sanaag and Sool regions from Somaliland and annexing them to his tribal enclave.

While we sympathise with Farole whose ambitions in these parts of somaliland where the residents are predominantly from his Darood clan, it is time somebody told him that achieving this quest is as impossible as bordering a ship in the Sahara desert. According to Farole, residents of these parts belong to him because the Garowe constitution stipulates that “Puntland exists to administer Darood Clans”

While it is a fact that his clan predominates in those parts of Somaliland, it is hoped that the combative and dictatorial top honcho in Puntland is well or should be versed on the fact that nations are not made up by ethnicity but by territory.

President Abdirahman Farole should maybe consult Dr Edna Aden, an eminent SomalilaFarole:Puntland must learn about democracy from Somaliland/Amin Artsnd who in 2007 told a gathering in Lagos discussing ethnicity in Africa,

Quote- “If the border between Somaliland and Somalia is allowed to become chanced for reasons of ethnicity across one side of the border or the other, then every border in Africa would be invalid and would have to move according to ethnic settlements, this defeating the Charters of both the OAU and AU-Edna Aden