Somaliland: A Landmark Peace Agreement on Buhodle conflict


Somalilanders Reconcile Peacefully under the Acacia TreeThe Government of the Republic of Somaliland and prominent community leaders from Sool region of Somaliland have, on 12 August 2012, undertaken a landmark peace agreement aimed at ending the conflict in Buhodle district of the Sool region, and resolving domestic grievances through peaceful means. Under this agreement, Somaliland Government today releases 68 prisoners from Sool region captured as fighters over the last two years. The government also pulls back its military forces from Buhodle.

This is all part of a peace deal offered by the President of Somaliland as a way forward with the Sool region issue.

In return, the community leaders and key political figures will implement the peace deal and promote stability. Both sides have rejected the motives of anti-peace elements in the area whose leaders have cynically exploited the concerns of the local people to serve their own political ends in Somalia.

Somaliland government recognizes that a continued conflict in the area will only lead to increased instability throughout the region with a spillover into the neighbouring countries. This instability may also create safe havens for terrorists and extremists. Somaliland has a long history of resolving such disputes by peaceful means, using mediation by traditional elders and political leaders. Based on this experience, the Government will remain committed to engaging with the community and their leaders to fully implement this agreement.

People from the Sool region already hold high positions in the Government and legislature, and all of our citizens have the same opportunity to engage with, and be represented in, the Somaliland government. Somaliland’s electoral laws contain safeguards to ensure that each political party represents, and is sanctioned by, a sizeable constituency from every region of Somaliland.

However, the Government recognizes that insecurity in the area has, comparatively speaking, led to underdevelopment. But we are firmly committed to addressing this imbalance. As a response, Somaliland’s National Development Plan for 2012-2016 highlights specific development projects to be implemented in that area.

Finally, we call on the international community to support our efforts in promoting peace, stability and prosperity for all our people in Somaliland and to denounce spoilers who aim to harm our achievement from outside.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland