Somaliland: A call to my people


By: Mohamed Ali

(Somalilandsun)- I call upon you to look around and see how the world is evolving. Peace followed by hard work has resulted in the progress of the developed world .

I call for the young Somalilanders to work hard in whatever activity they are involved including education and employment.

I commend you on the progress in so many unparalleled sectors such as the IT, telecommunication and trade.

Our people are known to be naturally entrepreneurs and we have to enhance that and develop our skills to international standards.

I also call upon those that are behind the current conflict in Sool to come inside and join the commotion.

It will be a disaster for both the younger generations and the future ones to miss the chance of education and proper and peaceful childhood just because of the plunder of few politicians who care less about the masses.

Again, I call upon my people to avoid tribalism as it will lead to unjust divisions among the people of Somaliland.

I am glad that Somaliland is heading the right direction towards a developed country despite the lack of recognition. I therefore, call upon my people to support the government of Somaliland to achieve its development goals for the benefit of all citizens.

We need to stand as one to achieve our goals.

( Medeshi )