Somaliland: 4th National Higher Education Fair and Networking 2017 Concluded


In pursuit of providing higher education opportunities in Somaliland

Somalilandsun – institutions of higher learning should pursue strategies that avail the country much needed professional to expertise 

This was the unanimous conclusion by participants at the two days 4th National annual Higher Education Fair and Networking 2017 held at the Guleid hotel in Hargeisa from 1st to 2nd August.
Participants pooled from various stakeholders included representatives of local universities, Ministry of education, professionals in the education sector as well as international partner organizations.
Also in attendance were the ruling Kulmiye party and Opposition UCID party leaders cum presidential flag bearers Muse Behi Abdi and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe Respectively.
The 2017 annual Somaliland National Higher Education Fair and Networking event which is the fourth was funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the ministry of education and Save the Children.

officially opening the function was the minister of the education Abdilahi Ibrahim Habane who upon thanking the financiers ,organizers and participants revealed that the government was determined to ensure that local universities provide quality education thence quality graduates.
On the huge number of institutions of higher learning in the country which are currently 35 in total, the minister said that it is suspicious how these institutions established within a span of 20 years could manage to provide quality instructions.
“We are determined in the pursuit of quality dictation in our universities and let all be informed that the government shall not fail to crackdown on those found wanting” warned Minister Abdilahi Habane
Stressing that these exercise must start at the root, the Somaliland education minister revealed that investigations have been ensued at all schools from primary, secondary to university levels nationwide.
Other speakers included the director general ministry of education Dr Ahmed Yusuf Ali as well Prof Abdisalan Yasin on behalf of the 4th National Higher Education Fair and Networking 2017 .

“The reasons were are all here is to strategize on provision and subsequent sustainability of quality education in Somaliland” said Prof Abdisaln Yasin who concluded by stressing that as from now henceforth local institutions of higher learning are in pursuit of not only providing but availing opportunities for quality dictation in the country.