Somaliland – 42 Victims of Siyad Barre Massacre Receive Dignified Burial


final rites after decades

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi
Somalilandsun – The remains of 42 persons who were among the civilians slaughtered by the regime of Siyd Barre in 1991 were reburied today at Wadareed graves near the Chinese water project north west of Hargiesa. The remains of these 42 people whose bones were exhumed from mass graves within the vicinity of the capital were given a proper and dignified national burial attended by many dignitaries and religious clerics from Somaliland.
It is estimated that 50,000 civilians were killed by the regime of Siyad in Somaliland before his fall in 1991 while more than 300, 000 fled to Ethiopia.
Somaliland seceded from the rest of Somali on May 18, 1991 after the bloody civil war against the regime of Siyad Barre.
The country has its own government, elected parliament, elected president, own currency, flag, passport, international airports and ports as well national army and well trained security forces.
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