Somaliland: 16 Human Traffickers Nabbed


Saved from Traffickers

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland has nabbed human traffickers in a dragnet that flushed out the much sought after illegal migration operatives.

In a statement released by the state minister at the interior ministry Mohamed Mussa Derie 16 human traffickers were arrested and are currently in police custody at he capital Hargeisa pending arraignment in court

This arrest comes after president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo order a crackdown at a cabinet meeting in Hargeisa

Below is a report published by somtribune The Assistant Minister for Interior of the Republic of Somaliland, Mohamed Mussa Derie, disclosed that 16 human traffickers have been rounded up and put behind bars in Hargeisa, the capital, alone.

The Minister said they were on the track of a much more number, and that the government will not rest until the security forces put a spoke on the ruthless, killing wheel of trafficker networks.

“The government stand is as the Vice President has made known to the public – the formation of a special police unit to combat traffickers and human trafficking,” he said.

Speaking at an occasion to mark the death of more than 200 Somaliland immigrants on the Mediterranean Sea, the Vice Minister said there was little that the government of Somaliland could do unless the whole region put a greater effort in breaking the backbone of this chain for good.

“We see Ethiopians in twos and threes on inter-cities roads on their way to, for example, Puntland, where they hoped they would catch a boat out, ” he said. “Ethiopia is better equipped, better resourced, better positioned to stop this influx of youngsters entering Somaliland or going through it to the Sudan and Libya, and yet it appears the issue has proven more formidable, more elusive than that can be handled by any one government’”.

Deaths in the Mediterranean by migrants region of originMinister Derie called on all members of the society to join hands and hearts to stop this calamity that has swept the whole world to near despair in these past years.