Operation Atalanta Sailors Share Expertise with Djiboutian Coastguard


German sailors from FGS Bayern teach Djibouti Coastguard how to provide medical care at sea

Somaliland sun -On 19 April 2016, members of the Djiboutian Coastguard were invited on board Operation Atalanta Flagship, FGS Bayern, to take part in a busy day of maritime skills training.

The 17 members of the Coastguard spent the day training with FGS Bayern’s German sailors. They learned various valuable skills including how to give medical treatment at sea, radio voice procedures, how to use ropes and tactically board a ship and how to maintain engines.

FGS Bayern’s Commanding Officer, Commander Markus Brüggemeier, welcomed the Djiboutian Coastguard members on board his ship and was pleased to be able to host the visit which proved to be a resounding success. Even potential language difficulties did not prove problematic as FGS Bayern’s crew was able to demonstrate all skills practically and the Djiboutian sailors were keen to learn.

Capacity Building events such as this help regional enforcement agencies to better protect their own waters and thus enable seafarers to stay safe from pirate attack.

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