Somaliland: 150 of 370Kms Erigavo Burao Road Completed, Presidency Minister


Minister Hirsi at an Erigavo Burao road under construction bridge

Somalilandsun – Critics of the Erigavo –Burao road government funded project have been put to shame for their scepticism of the multi-million dollar venture.
According to a tweet by presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali 150 0f the 370 Kms road has already been completed and still going.
The most ambitious Somaliland government project to date planned to open up Sanaag region as the country’s breadbasket through an asphalt 375 kms road linking Erigavo to Burao and costing millions of dollars fully internally funded was initiated by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo the 16th September 2013.
In order to cut down on costs the government utilizing contributions from the civil service, armed forces and civilians both in country and the diaspora purchased several earthmoving equipment from China that are largely credited with the on-going successes of the Erigavo-Burao road project