Somaliland: 10 City Based Electricity Companies Merger


Officials of Hargeisa Electricity companies during the merger announcement

By: Amal Abdala

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -In an extra ordinary meeting held at Hotel Guled in which 10 electricity utility companies merged for the first time in the nation history.

The companies usually supplied power to east, central, north and western sides of the city of Hargeisa.

The companies in the merger are AFGAL, SELP, KAAFI, NFS, SEECO, CADCEED,SANYARE, ELMI, HASSPOWER, Hargeisa power electric.

Their new name is ALMIS electric company (ALEL) in this merger event it was revealed why the companies are uniting for the sake of improving the quality of services to the residents of the city.

Several government ministers and UCID presidential aspirant Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein the chairman of Hargeisa Business council were present at the venue.

The chairman of the new electricity company Almis Mr. Mohammed Abdirahman said that these companies decided to unite after marathons of meetings amongst themselves.

Also speaking at the venue is one of the proprietors of the companies firebrand cleric Sheikh Adan Siro who said that he first started his Ice-cream parlour had to contend with power black-outs which used to leave his ice-cream diluted that’s when we realized that we need 24-7 power.