Somaliland: Consolidating Cooperation with Ethiopia


Foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire at meeting with his Ethiopian counterpart Dr Tedros Adhanom in Addis Ababa

Somalilandsun- The prevalent multi-sectors partnership between Ethiopia and Somaliland shall not only be sustained but enhanced as well reports ENA
This sentiments were expressed by the Ethiopian foreign minister Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after a meeting with his Somaliland counterpart Dr Saad Ali Shire in Addis Ababa on the 9th September 2016
In a post meeting statement the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the cooperation between Ethiopia and Somaliland in the areas of development and education will be further strengthened.
“the cooperation in the sphere of peace and security, development and education will be further enhanced” said FM Tedros Adhanom adding that consolidating cooperation with Somaliland could bring about the desired result that expected to be attained in the region.

Ethio sl The Somaliland Minister Saad Ali Shire appreciated Ethiopia’s support it has been extending to Somaliland. The Minister also urged Ethiopia to further enhance the support.

According mg to foreign minster Dr Saad Ali Shire “ The Republic of Somaliland is an independent country with defined borders, that shares historical relations with Ethiopia in terms of trade and security.”
The FM also took the opportunity to thank Ethiopian Authorities for availing Somaliland students 115 educations scholarships to various universities in the Neighbouring country.