Somalia’s Presidential Elections


US urges Parliament to act with courage, determination, and integrity in conducting a fair and transparent election as Puntland warns against corrupting the elections

US State Department Press Statement

Patrick Ventrell, Acting Deputy Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC

September 10 will be a historic day for Somalia as its Parliament chooses a new President. This is a time for Parliament to act with courage, determination, and integrity in conducting a fair and transparent election.

It is imperative that all candidates for President recognize the outcome of this process. Our hope is that the winner as well as the new members of Parliament will commit to an inclusive government dedicated to improving the lives of all Somalis. We also urge that candidates who lose will do so gracefully, accept the result, and refrain from inciting violence or encouraging others to distance themselves from Somalia’s new federal governmental institutions.

We call on the security forces charged with responsibility for maintaining order and peace to fulfill their duties, respect the new administration, protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of Somalis, and refrain from political activity, partisan behavior, or abandoning their post.


Puntland warns against corruption in Somali presidential election


The Puntland regional administration has warned against manipulation, corruption, coercion and intimidation in the days before the Somali presidential election takes place on Monday (September 10th).

“Puntland warns strongly against electing politicians who have been tested and failed in the past to fulfil entrusted national tasks, in favour of personal gains and a record of inciting community hostilities and leading to further national fragmentation,” the Puntland government said in a press release on Saturday.

Puntland administration spokesperson Ahmed Omar Hirsi told Sabahi the administration has been crucial to the effective implementation of the Roadmap steps and will continue to support the transition.