Somaliland: Somalia’s Communal Elders Nod the Green light for Recognition


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By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)- Communal elders from Mogadishu who have been traversing every corner of the country in the recent past have ultimately given the green light in recognizing the autonomy of Somaliland in a bid meant to attract the attention of international community.

This comes after witnessing the commemorations marking the 23 years of self Governance devoid of intrusions from its former partner in the annulled union.

The elders were positioned on the left periphery of the president during the event that immeasurably left an impression of patriotic & nationalistic citizenry eager to take their nation to greater heights if the turnout for the D-day is anything to go by.

Sultan Abdiaziz Omar Daad, one of elders who participated in the celebrations with national leadership at the entrance of the presidency in Hargeisa on Sunday 18th May was optimistic that his brothers that once formed part of the “Greater Somalia” have attained marvelous progress that calls for recognition of their statehood.

In briefing press members afterwards, Sultan Daad was convinced beyond doubt that the administration in Hargeisa merited to be recognized by traditional community leadership from Somalia.

When asked the magnitude & worthiness of the elders’ certification yet not being Government officials, Sultan Daad insisted that elders undertake such enormous responsibilities posing,

“Why go after people who have decided their destiny?”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Sultan Ahmed Mohamed Barre, a delegation team member with Sultan Daad who concurred with him that the people & Government of Somaliland have resolved to take a common approach from the onset through formation of functioning Government from grassroots hence would not hesitate in recommending for their recognition.

Over 70 traditional elders from Somalia came to the country two weeks ago in two different phases where they met national leaders in additional to engaging private sector as well as analysis state protocol and the modus operandi of state departments that immensely electrified them.

The communal elders from Somalia partake in celebrating 18th May with Somalilanders on Sunday in Hargeisa