Somalia: World calls ‘dialogue’ for Elections

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Somalilandsun: Thirty countries and international organisations including the UN and the EU called for “dialogue” to complete Somalia’s elections that would pave the way for a new president.

Somalia again missed the deadline for completing lower house elections, delaying until March 31 a process that is already more than a year overdue.

“We strongly urge all Somali stakeholders to resolve any obstacles to completion of the process in the remaining voting sites through dialogue and on a consensus basis, so as to rapidly and credibly conclude the elections,” 30 of Somalia’s partners said in a statement.

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Those who signed included the African Union and the Arab League as well as Western countries like the United States and Britain.

Arab states including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as well as Russia and Türkiye also signed the statement.

The elections were due to be completed on March 15 but by Friday, some 33 of 275 seats remained unfilled.

Elections for lower and upper house lawmakers had been due to be completed before President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed’s term expired in February 2021.

The two chambers of parliament in turn choose a president, and until representatives for both are elected and sworn in, the vote cannot proceed.

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