Somalia – Thousands Displaced by Floods in South West State

The flooding has spared none

Somalilandsun: Further flooding has struck in parts of Somalia, with over 10,000 people affected in South

Wide areas of the country have seen unusually strong “Hagaa season” rainfall which has caused flash and riverine flooding in particular from mid July. Since then, 6 fatalities have been reported and at least 120,000 people displaced and 191,000 affected in Hirshabelle, South West, Jubaland States and Banadir region.

Further flooding struck after rivers broke their banks in Marka district, South West State, on 01 August, 2020. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), flooding has damaged homes and crops. Around 6,000 people have been displaced and moved to nearby Internally displaced people (IDPs) sites.

Lower Shabelle floods, July 2020, Somalia. Photo: UN-OCHA

UN OCHA added that 27,000 IDP families in eight settlements at risk of flooding as their shelters are located in low lying areas.