Somalia: Osman Kaluun in a Stunning and Magical Confession of Ill Doings


By: Ahmed AbdilahiOsman Kaluun

Somalilandsun – Osman Kaluun confessed by himself how he and his peers messed up the nation of Somalia. If you watch this brief staging of his, one asks the following question. When does Eng.Osman kaluun expect to be believed before or after!?.

The recorded video of his speech echoed ” the I have a dream of Martin Luther the King sort of”, in his case for Somalia and perhaps also taking the opportunity to be recorded in the history. It all showed a different kind of talent of his “SI XUN WAX U SHEEG SIXIR KA DARAN”. While performing his magic skills in distorting the truth, however, in front of his audiences, he made sure to put through his dismissal of The Republic of Somaliland that he hails from. Tossing the creditability of Somaliland Republic among the many dysfunctional pseudo states in southern Somalia, Osman Kaluun disqualified the rights of fifty percent of the 10 million people on the bedrock he argues are the economic might of future Somalia.

But one can very easily pick up the true motive of his stage performance. In two separate occasions while performing, one at the beginning and the other at the closing, he reserved himself from any interest of whatsoever for a post, but again magically conveyed his messages of interest for a post when he mentioned his career by the ownership and the belonging to professional group of engineers in which he made sure everyone hears. Without being aware, his guts were displaying the truth of his performance. The second remark was when he made the audience to witness his intent and the target office for his job hunt in this case the city of Mogadishu. He made tactfully the demand of his pie in the capital by the invitation of his speech a warning message again tactfully for Mr Tarzan, of Mogadishu on his duties. The third remark, he magically elevated himself up as a credible consultant “lobbying in the capital of Mogadishu for the stakes of Somaliland at large on his account”. Eng. Osman Kaluun has finally forwarded his token for yet another potential pseudo opportunity as often spoken lately about Mogadishu in his performance. All of that in exchange of the credibility of Somaliland Republic.

Eng. Osman Kaluun is not in a position to dismiss the faith of millions for his own interest, there are many ways to seek opportunities without politics involved. One wonders, why he thinks he deserves a chance on this podium to confess his wrong doing at the same time dismiss the future of millions, perhaps there are places most deserving for forgiveness at his age.

Kaluun audienceEng, Osman Kaluun took on the Diaspora of Somalis – lubricating the borderless states of Europe as the models of union, he forgets the sovereignty of every state of Europe as the bases of their economic empire. There is a distinct knowledge between statehood and a union. Europeans first took care of the basics of justice for their citizens individually then realized their common well being collectively. Eng. Osman Kaluun and the many mystified unionist are busy with their individual well being rather than the common interest of their communities.

I would like to simplify the word of Somaliland for many who abuse the word “union” for their personal gain in a very simple and a familiar analogy that I compare to “The birth Certificate Registration”.

Somaliland will soon get its birth certificate on June the 26th 1960, registered at the United Nations with the Security Council approving it better late than never. This is essential to distinguish between the pseudo states made up in southern Somalia to distort the history of Somaliland. It is an essential step eluded by the so called union that has failed, it’s our heritage, our identity and a fact that is testified and witnessed as part of the history of nations.

It is obvious at this stage we cannot share one birth certificate and the truth of the twin states is by no means a destructible history by many dysfunctional pseudo names, Somaliland is by no means a hostile entity to any nation in the Horn of Africa, including our brothers in Southern Somalia. But it makes more and more compelling urge to demand the recognition of Somaliland as long as the mutation of Somalia continues.

We don’t despise Southern Somalia’s statehood but it should not be representing Somaliland’s jurisdiction and borders whatsoever in any arena, be it the “New Deals with the EU or elsewhere in the world”. We don’t accept our history dismissed in many pseudo states of a kind in the south that emerged from the fall out of the collapsed central government. The twin states of Somalis that born on the 26 of June and 1 of July in 1960 cannot be mystified by the individuals who often claim to be unionist from the heritage and the documented history of the horn of Africa. It should be very clear, however, to those who entertain on the unity issues that no justice is served without the recognition of the truth at any length even at their discretion.

It is often and more frequently becoming evident that the only hardliners that dislike the statehood of Somaliland comes from within Somaliland, while the exponentials of their misery multiplies when they try to hide in the south, it was long ago said “Fiqi shini tolkii kama janno tago” it was a very meaningful wisdom, indicating the smallness in size of any entity is never more credible than massing with itself first. In other words, when you become something then you get respected by others. Becoming something is this case is not less than a full statehood and a membership at the United Nations Body.

If we take the analogy of denial of your birth registration by your twin brother embodying your identity in an attempt to dismiss your true existence, and in other cases multiplying the truth with many lookalikes as this is often the scenario used to dismiss Somaliland’s entity then the whole episode is one of self-explanatory of hate and jealousy.

It is obvious, since under the light of diplomatic recognition for a legitimate body representing Somalia is forged – many stakes that determine the future relations of Somaliland and Somalia is in the hands of the Somalis alone. While enjoying the ride of the diplomatic gesture given and as partly the need of a solution for the situation in Somalia “the Southern entity” by the international community, it should not appear to the figures representing the Somali Government that they have an absolute power over the Somaliland jurisdictions. And it is rather meaningfully conclusive of the occasional dialogues between Somaliland and Somalia, if the history of the two states is ratified with the diplomatic gesture and legitimacy of Somalia’s statehood is in hands sooner than later.

This urgency of the matter is now more compelling and in many fronts, and to mention few, it is evident the disparity of development is now emerging between Somalia and Somaliland, the factors that contributed to the conflict in the first place. While the figures in the Somalia government remain adamant and knowingly ignore the concerns of Somaliland but instead prefer rather reaping the benefit of the current diplomacy – the time is ticking for another round of anger elsewhere.

The upcoming September conference for Somalia is an indicative of how the anger of Somaliland can increase without first distinguishing and separating officially the two states of Somaliland and Somalia.

The shared history of the two states is another impact on the future relations of Somalia and Somaliland. For instance, the debt incurred by Somalia and the membership of the international organizations is one example as It is now unilaterally opened for the current Somalia government to discussions encompassing Somaliland territory.

By returning the trigger of this article, Eng, Osman Kaluun made some references made by Mr Tarzan in an earlier speech where Eng. Kaluun pointed out where in the speech he knows when Tarzan Twists his judgements on others, I may point out to Eng. Osman Kaluun the same thing when he is twisting the truth of Somaliland and tell him it only exposes his motives in Mogadishu.

Ahmed A.


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