Somalia Livestock Traders Squeezed By Taxes


Livestock  trade in somalia under threat from High Taxation

Somalilandsun – Livestock traders say their business is being damaged by the numerous taxes levied on them by various authorities. Ahmed Mukhtar, livestock trader in Hiran region, told Radio Ergo they were forced to pay various taxes to eight different administrations before their livestock reached Bosasso, from where the animals are exported to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
“For instance, a truck ferrying livestock to the seaport of Bosasso has to pay taxes to the administrations in Beledweyne, Mataban, Dhusamarreb, Guriel, Himan and Heeb, Galmudug and Puntland before it reaches Bosasso!” he Mukhtar said.
He said the tax burden was compounded by the effects being felt by the drought and poor roads and many were being forced out of business.
The head of Bosasso slaughterhouse, Mohamed Farah Mohamud, said they had not been receiving enough livestock for export to Saudi Arabia to meet the Haj seasonal demand. He said the decrease could be attributed to the drought in many regions and multiple taxation imposed on livestock traders.
A Mogadishu slaughter house officials Abdikadir Ali Gaab, said there had been no exports this year from Mogadishu, unlike last year. He cited levying of high taxes on the traders as the main reason for the decline.
“Every vehicle ferrying livestock to Mogadishu seaport is stopped at more than 20 checkpoints and each is paid two million Somali shillings as tax, an amount that is equivalent to 100 USD,” he said.
He said the decline in livestock exports had meant loss of employment for 130 people including vets, porters and staff at the slaughterhouse.
A Mogadishu port customs officer said traders paid 5 USD for one camel to be exported; however, he also mentioned additional unspecified charges levied on top.
Source: Radio Ergo-