Somalia: Jubaland President Escapes Assassination Attempt


By: Omar NorMadobe unscathed

KISMAYO(Somalilandsun)—At least 10 people were killed on Thursday when a suicide bomber drove his car into a convoy carrying Ahmed Madobe, the interim leader of Juba administration in the southern port city of Kismayu, some 500 Km south of Mogadishu.

Eyewitnesses said they could see a dark smoke billowing out of Aargada village in Kismayu, where the suicide attack happened in the early hours of Thursday.

At least 10 presidential security guards lost their lives in the IED attack as Initial reports claimed that Ahmed Madobe was wounded in the attack on his motorcade while driving to his Kismayu HQ.

Later today, Ahmed Madobe released a press release, denying media reports that he was seriously injured in the blast and admitted to a hospital run by Kenyan Defense forces KDF in Kismayu.

“I am healthy and unscathed in the failed heinous attack. It was an attempt on my life,” said Madobe in a statement. This statement in contrary to the local media reports that he was wounded.

The newly elected Juba administration leader Ahmed Madobe and entourage have been attacked shortly after they landed in Kismayu airport from a visit in Mogadishu, Somali capital.

Al Shabaab took responsibility for the attack, according its twitter account.