Somalia: Global Seafood Expo 2017 was an Eye Opener to the International Market


Reports Marine Stakeholders Union and Malaq Maye Fishing co ltd as they on behalf of the local fishery sector thank GEEL Somalia Rising Project for facilitation
Somali Rising stall at the Global Seafood Expo 2017 in Brussels

Somalilandsun- A conversation between GEEL’s Somali Raising Team and officials from the Marine Stakeholders Union has turned into one of importance as pertains reintroduction of the Somali fishery sector to the global market.
T his follows the participation of Somali fishery stakeholders at the just concluded 3 days Global Seafood Expo 2017 held in Brussels Belgium the first ever international fishery show availed locals courtesy of GEEL Somalia a USAID funded project.
Upon successful attendance and showcasing under the Somalia Rising banner the Marine Stakeholders Union and one of its member Malaq Maye Fshing Company Ltd have issued a report detailing benefits accrued at the Global vent as well as proposed way forward for the sector.
Click  to read the full Marine Stakeholders Union report on the Global Seafood Expo Brussels 2017.